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April 5, 2005

WPFW 89.3FM Tuesdays 11p-12am


This week The Blackademics welcome Adrienne Maree Brown for a
discussion of hip-hop organizing and electoral politics.  Adrienne
Maree Brown is a writer and singer living in Brooklyn, N.Y. She is
coeditor of the League of Pissed Off Voters' How to Get Stupid White
Men Out of Office: The Anti-Politics, Un-Boring Guide to Power and
program director for the League of Young Voters.  All that plus DJ
2-Tone Jones in the mix.  Listen to The Blackademics every Tuesday
night as part of WPFW 89.3FM (Washington, DC) and Decipher: The Music,
The Movement, The Message each weeknight 11p-12am.  Hip-hop and more
like you've never heard before.

Show: http://voxunion.com/realaudio/coupradio/Blackademics040505.mp3

Email: blackademics893@hotmail.com

Grassroots Media Conference

oooh who got the blessings? me! i got to see tony kushner live on sunday at BAM talking about angels in america, and then they did a marathon showing of angels. tony is adorable and brilliant and humble and one of the best specimens of human we have.  AND holly hunter was there, sitting in my row, emanating her holly hunterness, all tiny. i contained my adoration by sipping a snuck-in bottle of cote du rhone or something that sounds like that. everyone rent angels for some truth.

I’m speaking at this conference on Saturday:


April 9-10th, at the New School University
2nd Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference
Register on-line!

The Democracy Now! workshop: Sunday, April 10th, 10am-11:30am
Members of the DN! Production and Outreach teams will present a
workshop about the nuts and bolts of how Democracy Now! is produced and
what role it plays in the larger movement for independent media.

The NYC Grassroots Media Conference is
the place to be if you’re a community organization seeking to reach a
larger audience with your message, a media maker looking to gain skills
and network or someone interested in learning more about NYC media
reform activism. It’s time to come together again to critique, build
and celebrate our local independent media.

Registration is now open. Visit www.nycgrassrootsmedia.org or Bluestockings Bookstore at 172 Allen Street in Manhattan to reserve your place and read more about the weekend of events.

The conference theme, forging stronger connections between independent
media and communities organizing around issues of justice and equality,
seeks to address pressing issues of representation and diversity within
the NYC community.

The conference will hold more than 50 hands on workshops and panels
including youth led workshops, do-it-yourself media workshops and media
policy workshops: hip hop and activism, grassroots press campaigns for
social justice, how to build your own web site, video production for
youth and more. A complete list of workshops and scheduling is posted
on our web site at www.nycgrassrootsmedia.org.

$20 Adults
$30 Day of conference registration
$8 Youth (21 and under)
Scholarships are available.
Group rates and discounts for youth are available.

Please contact info@nycgrassrootsmedia.org or call
Paper Tiger at (212) 420-9045.

See you at the conference!

War By Candlelight, Big Hearts, and AIDS Walk

Y’all – back in college I had the honor of editing a magazine called Roots and Culture with a brilliant young Peruvian writer named Daniel Alarcon. I thought he was as brilliant as could be. And his book of short stories is now out on Harper Collins and its beautiful and you need to get you some!!

go to amazon.com and search daniel alarcon. the book is called War By Candelight: Stories

in other news life is looking up. its spring and i went to sit in the park and my friend taught me to do a sun meditation and i heard desmond tutu and toni morrison speak the other day on the unlimited heart, compassion and reconciliation. i was thinking that there are things that are unforgiveable, but to see two people who have lived so long and seen so much, especially bishop tutu – to know what he’s seen and who he’s forgiven…he came and said thank you to the u.s. for their efforts in the anti-apartheid movement! to this shameful nation. but his grace is so unparalleled and visible. i was inspired to look at my relatively tiny dramas and let my heart become bigger. i feel humble and benevolent, its delightful.

and finally y’all need to sponsor me for the aids walk!!

go to: http://www.aidswalk.net/newyork/  and search adrienne brown or league of pissed off voters to donate.