my plants

ok i am so real about my plants!

today i bought plant food and a plant light to help my babies through the winter. this is part of a new project for me, as i haven’t previously had a great history of keeping plants alive. i’ve been so transient – but now i am settling a bit in ft. green. of course, with my travel schedule i’ll need help. but still, they are living and i am responsible. i can’t have a pet, but these plants are resilient and only need to be fed every two weeks or so!

now i have 6 and they are looking beautiful and they all have names and they keep me good company. robespierre, muddy waters, autumn’s-plant-please-don’t-die, wonka, l’il lamb, and miss fabulous are blossoming!

that’s the most exciting thing happening this weekend and, to be quite honest, its Very Very exciting! :)

grow something!

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