a few short things

so i have been deep in 2005 evaluations and 2006 planning process for two organizations that i love which means long nights, long days, talking aloud to myself and losing major documents and having to rewrite them and realizing i haven’t eaten or washed more than my teeth for longer than my OCD ass can stand.

but i will pop my head out for a few random thoughts!

one – i sent cynthia mckinney talking points on tookie williams and i haven’t heard back from her. does that mean she didn’t like them, didn’t get them, or what? in the meantime, the schwarz-man has said he would consider clemency for tookie, but we need exert pressure on him. if you aren’t informed about tookie’s execution, its set for december 13th and you can get more information at www.savetookie.org, sign a petition at http://colorofchange.org/williams.html, and call in to make your voice heard as often as possible to: 916-445-2841

two – i got invited to a party by someone. i am convinced this person hates me, though i don’t know why. he is always rude in a weird way when we see each other. its unfortunate because i think he’s dope, even used to have a mini-crush, blah blah. conundrum…

three – if you haven’t seen born into brothels yet, rent it. i put it on yesterday and really had a hard time multi-tasking while it was on – so amazing, so beautiful and it’s these awesome kids. just rent it. preferably on netflix cause everything else sucks.

four – is it strange that the more i need to focus, the more i need to have going at once? yesterday i looked up and i had oprah on the tv, mariah playing, playing minesweeper in the corner of my screen while reviewing and editing my documents, having 8 im conversations half of which were work and half of which were on love or current lack thereof, AND on the phone AND eating peanuts. work bliss.

five – i had a short lapse with cigarettes yesterday. a while ago i was with someone who bought a pack to use the tobacco to roll…something…yeah and anyway afterwards the pack ended up in my bag and i was like oh i will give this to one of the 3000 smokers in my midst but then i didn’t give it away and then there it was. yesterday. i talked to it – i just said no, no no no no no! then i said half. then i said dear god that feels good. then i went into full lapse mode! but it is over, it was a dark day and that day is behind me. bye bye lapse day, hello heart.

six – speaking of hearts i also had a short lapse with the heartbreaker the other week where we were back in touch and admitted missing each other in specific ways and i was cool for a second and then my heart was like oh you think you can just be friends with mofos i don’t think so you silly silly little ho. i am in a battle with my heart currently cause i really think i CAN be friends, that i can be mature, and regardless i can’t have a no communications option and –

ouch – just got bitchslapped by heart. my bad. never mind…sigh.

seven – i am mcing an event dec 2nd…last chance to see me before i leave for basically all of december!

¡Viva El Barrio!

A Celebration of East Harlem's Strength and Diversity
through Art, Music, and Poetry

Friday, December 2, 2005
6pm until 9pm

Union Settlement Auditorium
237 East 104th St (b/w 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

In commemoration of World AIDS Day 2005, ¡Viva El
Barrio! will pay tribute to loved ones lost to
HIV/AIDS, and empower our community to "KEEP THE


This is a FREE EVENT!

Sponsored jointly by Mount Sinai School of Medicine,
the Center for Multicultural Affairs, East Harlem HIV
Care Network, and Johnson Counseling Center of Union

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