oh how i love it!

pre-p.s.: i’m officially 5 months into the no mojo zone! i have once again entered the arena of hugging and vertical cuddling, but am keeping it proper. this holding-self-on-a-pedestal thing is just too damn nice.

and, the early verdict is in:

i LOVE camping. i love sleeping with only a bit of mesh between me and the stars, i love the green everywhere, i love the little inchworms, fireflies, butterflies, and the birds and dogs and horses and….i love when its hot and you’re kind of dirty and i love solar-powered showers and so far, i just love camping. everyone has been so welcoming and generous, from the oldest most experienced Ruckus folks to the fellow newcomers.

i think all people, especially peoples of colors, should be extremely comfortable with this type of living, just a touch so far and its remarkably empowering, you start to feel a certain freedom in you possibilities for survival. i learned to pitch a tent, and keep it dry.

not to mention, i love having a legitimate use for hand sanitizer.

leaving was hard, but the thought of seeing one of my sisters can get me to travel from anywhere…i am in d.c. for one night only to do a speaking gig tomorrow at campus progress, i go on sometime before barack obama. me and obama, go back like fat and yo mama…

i’m excited cause my boy will, student body president of Fisk and star Milwaukee organizer, will be in the house.

right now i am kicking it with my sister april and her naughty groping roommates, all very cute and young. also feeling good cause i got to hear my mama’s voice. one should really never go too long without hearing the voices of family.

i am missing some folks right now big time! autumn, sofia, jenn, shane, janine, all my new york folks. but seeing dani-chale has warmed my heart up, i can still feel the glow.

tomorrow its back out to the woods of indiana, away from my phone and email and when i go back i’ll be doing my first climbing.

now. have i told y’all about my love/hate relationship with the man no one knows, my ‘adam lives in theory’ dude? of course you know i have one. i think any single person over like 21 yrs of age has that person who they are pretty sure if life was different would be their all-in-all. i read him like a book, i can see the need under the brilliance. i heard some rumors about him, and i hoped they were true, that he was in fact making mistakes, cause it would mean he’s finding ways to grow. he’d never let me see it.

feeling duly noted. keep it moving.

while i was away italy somehow won the world cup. busted. however, it amazed me how little it mattered in the face of meditating under a tree. am i fickle or super deep?

7 hours of sleep? for me? why yes….

goodnight loves

adrienne goes camping

I am going camping.


It is 530 in the morning on a sunday. I woke up at 3am after an hour sleep, to drive from milwaukee to chicago for a flight. I had a fabulous time in milwaukee with lots of dani chale time, dizzy chi, I love that girl!! Toki, will, biko, cj, bobby drake, jamie, will’s lovely daughter jhasmine, charity and others were in the house, we were all at the midwest social forum. I got to see the organizers of the conference working it out and speak with folks opposing the conference manifesto-style. It was interesting to hear smart people on both sides trying to do right. The process was in effect!

I had to grab all this gear, and get my brows done, and the place we went, the lady saw that I was feeling a bit skicky, icky about my skin, unglowy, and she was like you are so beautiful let me try something and made me up and I felt like a princess the rest of the night!

Now I have my sleeping bag, air pad, flash light, utensils and camping plate and cup, water bottle, hiking boots, tons of hand sanitizer, trail mix. I feel a little corny and scared and excited. Wish me luck! Me, adrienne maree, about to be CAMPing, ok people? Its all about learning to be dirty, that’s what everyone keeps telling me. I am kind of a purell addict, I heart clean. Lets rock out tho.

back in effect

i just lost this whole blog. it had a long love note to seth. seth is the reason people can see my blog again, after a few days of your righteous discontent that it was missing. apparently anger is the highest form of flattery among my readers. anyway, the blog was an ode to his beauty, intelligence and speed. soon i will have a whole new blog with new design and everything cause of him and radical designs!

the blog also said i was back in effect because i accidentally quit smoking, and because i moved into my house and unpacked and slept surrounded by my beloved things and slept quite well in my newly christened home base.

and i was back in effect because jessica norwood came through last night and it was super exciting to see her. i haven’t seen her in over a year since she stopped working at the league. we went through what richard pryor’s mudbone character would call ‘hard times’ together at the League – growing pains. it was good to sit back and laugh about it now. she’s thriving in mobile, running a water business and helping her community through hurricane recovery.

i mentioned how nice it was to not be vomiting anymore, how humiliating it is when your body reverses your favorite practice – eating. any lack of bodily function is a struggle, seems unfair. i heard from a dear friend today who is facing a much more serious bodily challenge, a total betrayal of gifts and blessings such that we cannot understand, and all i can do is pray pray pray.

i wrote about other stuff – the pretty dress i am wearing today, the fact that i am about to go camping and as a non-camper i am nervous, all this stuff.

i just don’t have time and energy to rewrite it all! there’s work to do.

i leave first thing tomorrow morning for a banger of a trip – chicago, milwaukee, back to chicago to indiana, out to dc for one night and back to indiana, back up to chicago and finally home. i’ll be at the midwest social forum, then the freedom from oil camp, campus progress, and then the ruckus birthday camp and finally the hip-hop convention. i’ll see a lot of loved ones, and learn some new things. i will see dani chale ho, and my sister april, and barack obama, and meet a lot more of the ruckus family. we’re gearing back up into the ‘it’s all happening’ mode. i love the midwest in the summer.

will write when i can!

my yawp is actually barbaric


i sound horrific, when i try to sing it sounds like a barbaric yawp indeed.

lesson: when you are really sick on the inside, maybe hiking the hills and staying in a house full of animals which are lovely but to which you are allergic isn’t super number 1 best move?

after a marvelous sunday with shane in which i saw the pretty colors of california and decided it wasn’t pure madness to move here, i woke up monday with snot on my mind, painful throat, a that deep feeling of general malaise (which feels like never being able to move out of that other feeling – that just-before-a-sneeze feeling.) ick.

my body is in a low functioning state, and i am trying to think of ways to get it well before i travel on thursday. socializing en masse seems not to be the answer – laying in bed helps a bit but then i feel useless and start doing some work.

in other news – had a delightful evening last night. renna came up and cooked my sick ass a great and healthy dinner which stayed down, then we watched north country. i cried and gave charlize props. as someone who is generally anti-mining, it was deep to watch folks fight for the right to go in and have a fair chance to work in one. went to sleep fairly early, woke up only a few times to be sick, and had a delightful breakfast looking out over the water.

today, if miracles never cease, i will put on a well face long enough to get work done and move the rest of my belongings to my oakland abode, maybe catch the soccer game.

its the 4th of july, which means its celeste’s birthday. i remember when this was a day that i, as a military brat in department of defense schools in germany or the south, would be decked out as a patriot, excited about fireworks, hear the story of how white rebels had bested the damn british and the obstinate indians and come up with an idea of a nation, and here we were, defending it. deprogramming in full effect. everytime the 4th of july rolls around it makes me feel mournful. i think of how we tell ourselves the only thing we have to celebrate are lies and ideas – i think that keeps us from ever seeking the reality of being a nation worth being proud to be a part of. its a reminder of the promise, the before to this after, that we are in a dark ages. even fireworks, which are so gorgeous and amazing to me, are supposed to mimic bombs bursting in air…

i’ve never been slow at finding the pretty though, i will eek out something amazing about this day. it’s started off well, and i’m not a nationalist so this really doesn’t have much to do with me, not today. after all, germany will eliminate italy today. 🙂 there’s a world out there.

a weekend to fall

oh what a marvelous weekend it’s been. and not just because california has the best herbal remedies a body could ever need…this weekend was so good that in spite of some unmarvelous happenings, i am back on the thumbs up with cali.

i spent most of the last few days in tiberon, housesitting my friend jessamyn’s parent’s house. a few small tasks – cats and fish to care for, including one cat that’s 20 years old. i am allergic to cats but really like them. this cat that’s old is named pumpkin – she sits on a hotpad all the time. there’s also a big fish named gilbert. but mostly, there’s peace and quiet and a gorgeous view of a lagoon and then the bay and the city.

friday night i was dumb homesick. i cried, i knew jen and shane were coming and snapped at them for taking too long to arrive. i thought about how superior new york was, i thought about the poor quality of california public transportation. i didn’t feel better.

but then i got to tiburon. (i will spell it a few different ways, to cover all the bases of ‘correct’.

so y’all remember the parenthesis thing?)

friday night was super laid back, saturday we watched an mtv made marathon that made me happy i was no longer in high school, then lots of folks came up for a random bbq night. somewhere in there i was sick, then got violently sick – on the floor with no control over my body as it rejected everything it could – then just felt fragile and ill for the rest of the day. i took it easy on food and drink, so it was nice to see folks, i just felt ill. not only were jen and shane here from ny mingling with the sf league women, but oliver bernard came from school. i LOVE that kid – we all agree behind his back he is the nicest most gentlemanly man we know. literally, unlecherous. its always a pleasant time when he’s there.

then this morning i woke up ready to leave the house and be in the world. we went to the farmer’s market where i got lavendar honey and soap and a hot cinammon roll, then into the city, bought some snacks, then on the way home i remembered the beach over by the the marin headlands that i did a non-retreat at (i am no longer calling work weekends in beautiful locations ‘retreats’)…so shane and i drove over, buried our hands and feet in the soft pebbled sand there, then drove up and went for a hike (Me. Hiking! Has Cali-change already begun?) till we could see both up the marin part of the coastland and the entire city – near a lighthouse. we found these world war ii bunkers, every view in every direction was spectacular and breathtaking and adventurous. and we were driving in this sweet little black jeep with the top and back off – the sun – shane was totally on point, thanks to him i was able to address my homesickness and really feel the falling in love with california thing again.


i’m still sick. but i’ve kept food on my stomach all day and now i have a soft bed to climb into. and california has a sun, a coast, its on the pacific which is my favorite body of water…yeah. ok. cali.