deliriousity and prayer

these two pieces of art are constantly in my life – the first as background on my computer, the second in my home, signed by the artist. that’s how i am feeling right now.

i have said it so many times it is easy to say – another world is possible. another world is happening.

tonight i was given the gift of an invitation to pray with someone i love, and then reflect on that.

i have been delirious, not sleeping a lot, working more than i generally believe i have capacity to do…there’s a giddy new energy that comes from this pace. i feel like zorro, slashing a Z through problems, deeply engaged. it is easy to get to a place of reacting well, but not remembering why i am doing this, what that other world might be.

tonight in prayer i thought of how much this is an act of faith, doing this us social forum thing. i am absolutely sure, at this point, that i don’t know what i am doing, and won’t be able to do everything required of me. i know the same thing is true for everyone i am working with – and i stay surrounded by some of the hardest working people alive. but none of us KNOW – we run the gamut from hoping to praying to rationalizing to planning, but none of us really really know how to do this.

and yet i know that i need the vision and strategies and solutions and the experience of multitudes of people of faith gathered together for another world. i need the humility of process that is represented by the forum, with all its flaws.

i need people who are different from me to build with.

i need all of us to see that we cannot go without each other, that we cannot function apart, that we live on one planet, that we are one system of life here.

when i think of what is happening all over home/mother…not think it – feel it – when i feel what is happening here in detroit…my longing for us to realize our divinity and realize our potential becomes greater than any of the ties i have to the world as it currently is.

separation doesn’t make sense to me – those who work to silo the world, whether they say they are conservative or progressive, capitalist or marxist, -ive or -ist, etc…i look at the practices. are the practices divisive? oppositional? competitive? harmful?

then that’s not right, because that is not how spirit flows, not in me.

i am the living embodiment of wholeness. whether i get enough sleep or not, i am committed to radical love as a practice, as the key practice of my life, in the work of restoring the wholeness i FEEL we are capable of, that which is already within us waiting to unfold.

what is in us, we are in.
what is of us, we are of.
what is possible, we are.

my prayer friend reminds me of gratitude, and of something my grandfather once said – “be grateful for those problems. those are your teachers.”

in 9 days, thousands of teachers arrive in detroit – some are already here. i want celebration, prayer, gratitude and welcome to be the spirit of this period of my life.


Author: Adrienne

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Your uprising against the forces of darkness has got to do more than say "no." A fierce, primal yes should be at the heart of your crusade. (rob brezny, long ago)

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