i am a BALLE fellow!!

I am so so so excited to share that I was awarded a Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) fellowship!

I’m in a cohort of brilliant folks, including inspirational Detroit Black Community Food Security Network organizer Malik Yakini and brilliant People’s Grocery leader Nikki Henderson!

From now through 2014 I will be learning about socially responsible cooperative and commons based business models and local living economies with the intention of growing a viable food justice economy in Detroit with the Detroit Food Justice Task Force.

I am excited, and nervous – business and economy has never been an area I thought I would focus on, and yet the question of what kind of economic system will support the future I want continues to come up on every other path I walk. So I am going in.

I am excited to share my process and learning here as I go.

Read more about BALLE, the fellowship, and the Task Force!

Oh – and please engage with me around local economy – send me articles and reading and models that inspire you. :)

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  1. 1 Gibrán

    Wow! A 1000 Blessings! I felt a stir inside me as I read this – it feels so right, not just for you and Detroit but for all of us committed to the evolution of movement. When put in the context of your heart and experience this feels like phenomenal integration!

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