the black game of thrones cast

we all need this right now, right?

these are my top choices, either matched by me or contributed from Kayla, Mervyn, Ben, Nick, Kenyetta. you might have other ideas, i welcome your brilliance in the form of matched photos (put #blackGOTcast so we can all see it).





























Author: Adrienne

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15 thoughts on “the black game of thrones cast”

  1. I love you. You just lifted me today. This is truly claiming our presence in fiction. There is no reason why these characters couldn’t have been these different hues of melanin unless you accept the absurd logic of racism– that is their color is somehow inconvenient to telling the story. When that refrain becomes a continuing pattern, we’re the crazy ones for recognizing it and because we call it out, we are labelled mad. But I always go back to the definition of madness. Who is in the madhouse, and who is not says much about the nature of sanity. On this one, I prefer to be in the madhouse and imagine a world where all of these actors could have an amazing opportunity to depict a story as powerful as GOT.

  2. Leslie Jones as Brienne is how I wish it had gone. She would’be stolen every scene.

  3. Why, why, why did I not think of this before! Thank you! This has been the cherry on my day! I would like another Dany but I love all of the other choices.
    Again, thank you!

  4. You missed your calling! What an amazing cast. But I’m seeing Danai Guirrai, or Lupita Nnongo (probably spelling both names wrong) as Dany. Thanks for doing this. Great fun.

  5. love it except for Beyonce. I feel like Rihannna maybe a better choice for the role and switch Beyonce to Ellaria Sand. everyone else spot on especially bow wow lol.

  6. I’d share this except for the mocking of Forest (one of our greatest living actors) for his inherited Ptosis. Maybe Booker T or Titus O’Neil as The Hound? They both have the right physical stature.
    Otherwise, very good! Well cast with the actual actors. The lookalike and real life/character parallel ones are spot on!

  7. oh I love and respect Forest Whitaker and believe he has the right stature and range for this role. and you made good suggestions!

  8. I’d share this with the exception of the ridiculing of Forest (one of our most prominent living performing artists) for his acquired Ptosis. Possibly Booker T or Titus O’Neil as The Hound? They both have the privilege physical stature.

    Something else, great! Well thrown with the real performing artists. The clone and genuine living/character parallel ones are right on the money!

  9. I started watching #demthrones 2 months ago and it has been a great tool of escape and reflection. There is so much about humanity, whiteness, warriorness, emo, power, queerness, tribalness, love and destruction that gets to live in the realm of fantasy. And the fucking dragons! I heard rumor that Marlon James is writing an African Games of Thrones book which I think he could do some really nerdy magic on!

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