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earthseed poem


the compass spins around
north becomes south,
becomes simply the horizon
the direction that matters is forward
we conjure from the darkness
a future orientation of the people
moving like firstlight, touching everyone
moving like water
weeping and crashing through mountains
nothing is permanent
“to shape god
shape self”
our destiny is to “take root amongst the stars”.
where do you think earth is?

#earthseed #octaviabutler

ode to Tarana Burke

i hope you feel the black joy, and woman joy, and human joy
our species is writhing free of an old shape
and celebrating you, goddess
griot of your own survival stories
ground for a swell of truth
standing next to you we transform our shame into a spotlight:
here is the wound
and we are the healers
thank you for putting seed in the dirt
now the bloom is blood red
we reclaim our right to be wild
to be whole
to be here
we are not the error,
we are the unveiling


Bitch 50


i’ve been writing for Bitch magazine for the past year and it’s been such an incredible exploration. and i respect the team and the political stance they’re holding so much.

so it was a huge honor to discover this week that i was named as one of the first ever Bitch 50!!!!

“The Bitch 50 recognizes the most impactful creators, artists, and activists in pop culture whose imaginations extend beyond normalizing and affirming the same mainstream messages. The Bitch 50 have utilized their creative or political power to further advance visibility, equality, or access for marginal folks—especially LGBTQ communities of color.

We honor those who have taken risks in their work that push us closer to progress—a world where more LGBTQ people are in leadership and decision-making positions, democracy is a practice not a hope, and racial inclusion is a basic start instead of a goal. The Bitch 50 highlights the firsts and the pioneers; the people who created a ripple or a path from the margins to the center. We looked at cultural work that generated exciting possibilities for expressing identity, power, gender, sexuality, and relationships—work that intentionally focused on freeing others.”

there’s so many people i look up to on this list – Tarana Burke, Amita Swadhin, Lena Waithe, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah…and then star people like Ava, Oprah, Shonda. first name people. and then!! Beyoncé and Rihanna. mmhmm.

this ain’t some every day kind of list…as a facilitator i’m generally not on lists anywhere and that’s fine, AND this is thrilling for me. check it out.

loving the people like Fred Hampton


“i’m going to live for the people
because i love the people”
– Fred Hampton

lately everything has been changing fast
and we are reminded, in case we forgot,
that our blood is sacred
that it might be required
for the spell, the strategy, the next move
we are called extremists for our love
of ourselves
of our people
of our humanity

it is not enough to articulate
a radical politic
we have to declare a warrior nature
we have to embody yes-to-the-mystery
for, knowing nothing about our deaths,
we must promise to give our lives
to the future
to the children
to strangers with our skin

and maybe it isn’t your last breath
that is most needed right now
but, for the people, would you change?
for the people, would you apologize? forgive?
for the people, would you be honest?
for the people, would you learn, and learn?
– not for me
not for you
but for all of us?

because if you refuse to change
to look within and seek yourself out
your freest self, and your systemic self
your self which is imperfect and must grow
your harmed self who causes harm
your heartbroken self, and your resilient self
how can i trust your blood
how can i trust your work
how can i trust your love?

we do not survive when we live for ourselves
when we die our truths are forgotten
held in no heart, at most a legend
part of no wholeness, tender in no memory
when we live for the people
we never die, seeded so deeply in each other
love yourself, and the people
give your life for the people
give yourself to the people

bears ears, grand staircase, a bargaining spell

great life of the universe,
which only changes and changes,
help us learn to love you again
let us flood with gravity
so that our words cannot be ignored
for we must make sure everyone knows
it is not too late
but it is almost too late

help us stop tearing ourselves apart
with knives, laughter, and violation
stop all this rape and rape and rape
let us learn this mistake
we do not know how to do this at scale
at the velocity you are running
we are humbled
we have been so deeply humbled

I put my neck to the dust
blade to the beat
what I mean is we surrender
we have nothing but everything to lose
the mountains are shuddering in terror
can’t you feel them
tell me you can feel them
tell me you still feel us

universe we are not dead yet
we are caught in a web
spun like a veil
spun like a sticky white sugar
all we want is tomorrow
even if nothing real makes it
we think we think we think
it’s ridiculous

great life of the universe
I grovel alongside so many
who love you so dearly
we come begging miracles
with empty hands and bellies
we’re the worst, the very worst
and yet, a brief moment of our love
brings a purpose as great as you

make us brave
make us brave
make us brave

let us grow
let us grow
let us grow

– cast backwards at last night’s moon

one liners for the full moon

a. one liners and
b. conclusions

a. if i can’t feel what you love, i don’t care what you hate.

b. let love lead, and let it show. realize that ‘hate’ is another way of saying ‘lost’.


a. if i can’t see what you are creating, i’m not interested in watching you destroy.

b. creating is the hardest work.
creating when you could destroy is a sign of maturity at any age.
without the creative thrust, destruction is jealousy, grudge or bitterness in action, immaturity unleashed.
the creative only destroys in order make new, to repurpose what is into what will be, or when the new is bursting out of the old.
focus on creating.


a. we must practice turning away from the destroyers.

b. if our mouths water at each other’s destruction, we are becoming cannibals. human flesh makes humans sick. imagine what consuming human dignity, joy, freedom and spirit does.


a. if you tell a story without the mess and failures, the iterations, i don’t trust the success and lessons.

b. you are nothing pure except human. neither/so am i.


a. if you hide your mistakes, you’ll never be known.

b. perfection is impossible. projecting perfection is impossibly lonely.


a. everyone makes mistakes – what matters are the steps you take to learn the lessons.

b. be humble/d, laugh, own your shit, stay in your dignity, make new mistakes.


a. don’t come for healing under the cloak of love…bring healing in the light of love.

b. be honest: you need love, and the only way to get to it is to love.


a. don’t be a love tap, be a love river.

b. stingy love leaves scars. flow towards me, or flow away.


a. you are not in control, you are in collaboration.

b. release your plans, but not your responsibility. shape change, your fingerprints are on the future.


a. you are the only one who will ever get to love yourself from the inside out.

b. be especially generous with loving the parts of yourself no one else knows.


a. we must remember ourselves, remember our original shapes before all the wounds distorted our divinity.

b. we are the cells of god.