i love winter

i love snow.

i love walking in the snow and i love sitting in my house and watching the weather come and go, fog, snow, freezing rain, sun. weather in a big sky is part of what brought me to detroit.

i love how quiet it is when it’s snowing, and snow days and tea/hot toddies, soup and reading and taking hot baths that fog up the windows.

i love putting my footprints in the fluff, i love the heat of my own body under my layers. i love having the right layers, the learning that goes into keeping my body warm and mobile and dry.

two things make this love possible – winter travel to warmer places (though with climate change, it’s been kind of cold everywhere), and working from home. i’m not sure my love would be as possible if either of these norms shifted.

but as it is, i just wanted to say it loud and clear: i love winter.

Author: Adrienne

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  1. I love winter too, for all the reasons you list, which I couldn’t have expressed as well. But also for winter’s ability to inspire hibernation, incubation and dreaming.

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