Pandowrimo, prompt 8

pandowrimo prompt 8

We wake up and all the banks have closed overnight, leaving us with no access to our resources. (What are we told? What do we do? How do we change?) – @crumbsandcobwebs

What economy do we create in absence of a ‘functional’ racial capitalism?


i told you not to give them your money
I said fold it into the walls and the box spring
bury it at every crossroad to your beloved
I told them to keep a little out
I said it wouldn’t be worth nothing no ways
I said get you some gold
pour you a ring
build you a house
any real thing will be better than what you gonna
someday be missing

but nobody listens

ooh this fucking rage,
all the work we did in hunger
how long we’ve given more than everything

the rhythm of generational sacrifice
twists vibrancy in the marrow
turns down the volume of light
the brightness of sound

the rug that seemed like comfort
unveils bloodstained concrete
and we know that DNA, we remember
all of their names

we already know
some of us anyhow
about how precious soil is
some store it under our fingernails
so we can feel when we are home
where no one thinks they cleaned up
just to look down at what should have never become unknown

we already know that care equals care
a spell for a tincture, a birth for a barn,
a winter’s worth of wood for the newlyweds
the passed down bibs marked with
whoever came first in the order
we already know it’s a distraction, cash money
we can remember ourselves quickly
what with so many people,
who’ve been living this way always
always outside the myth of trickles

we can change whenever we want to
oh…we haven’t really wanted to
we had just enough to keep pulling the lever
just enough to shrug, innocent
just enough to keep our babies soft
just enough to plain clothes police each other
on the internet
to point and defer guilt to the “richer than us”
to pay for our own demise annually
to forget we need warriors and truth tellers and laughter and tomorrow

we see very quickly,
only sudden to a sheltered few
how we always have the numbers
as many of us as there are zeros in that bank
we can go and get that money
we can go and get so much more

when the time comes
we will pull off these masks
we will remember it wasn’t meant to be like this
it really wasn’t isn’t and will not be
the money is an idea – we are, this is, the value
so meditate, pray, submit to not knowing
the right way all the time
weep, scream. bury. blame. surrender.
choose a future for all of us
crack your knuckles, prepare for battle
howl at the waning moon until it waxes, and then?
from the depths of our grief
we’ll become green again

Author: Adrienne

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Your uprising against the forces of darkness has got to do more than say "no." A fierce, primal yes should be at the heart of your crusade. (rob brezny, long ago)

2 thoughts on “Pandowrimo, prompt 8”

  1. Hi Adrienne.. Amb?..

    I have never met you and I love you- you and Octavia have guided me through these last 4 years of dissolution.. that’s why i haven’t written anything, such imbalances are one of the strange awkward things about our modern connected world..
    You’ve taught me how to think, how to connect with the ancestors that are sometimes (too often!) my only companions

    Well, this CoVid crisis has shook me right up, taught me to lose faith in the inhabit network, and set me to try and bring the visions i harbor forward, back in the east.. So, time to be vulnerable and try to introduce myself:
    I am one of those white boys you (or one of your wonderful friends- i’ve leant the book out now and cant check 🙂 ) warn about. Blond and Blue eyed to boot!
    And, way weirder and deeper than that, i’ve learned that my Ma’s family is Skull and Bones, my Dad’s Scottish Illuminati- but the way it’s set up, i was raised middle class in Maine and have been able to live a life of radical poverty, knowing that when I turn 35 if the global economy still exists I’ll have a comfortable place in it. That’s meant to hook me in to complicity, but i rebel and have and will do all i can to end the extractivist petro-dollar asap (without rushing it).

    These aren’t the same- the S&B and the Illuminati- this is a key piece of the world i’ve discovered- the Illuminati are the old pattern of incompetent good guys (very much “guys”, and racist, definitely not perfect- maybe not even good, except by comparison)- in fact the Anarchist’s A comes from their masonic compass- while the Skull and Bones are a younger masonic branch pioneered by the Rockefeller oil-imperial-death pattern, and successfully (so far) subverting the futurist tradition.

    And that’s my heritage- the ugly and the bad- and for all that my folx are completely normal- they’ve idolized normality, and are deluded family-oriented neoliberals, a teacher and a librarian from maine that taught me to just learn to fix all the problems thru the free market

    I learned better during my MechEng undergrad in Montreal from 2008-2012, managed to stop a Tar Sands pipeline, and i’ve been pretty much living a radically mobilized life since- i bought a house in $1700 in Troy NY and failed to make it a tool library and eco feminist engineering school, and have been on the road since the NO DAPL camps trying to learn how to move forward

    I’ve earned the trust of Lakota, Anishanaabe, Wabanaki, Kanien’keha:ka and Lunaape leaders, as well as learning to relate in urban frontline communities. I lived on the block for 4 years, and can hang in any situation as long as i’m rested/well

    I believe we have all the pieces we need to Open Source a new local cannabis-based economy and use it to build out a transparently planned economy of peaceful abundance; . does that sound crazy?.. Please give me a chance! I promise it’s real, and i’ve read enough of the pieces in your own writings that I’m hopeful

    Water Protecting, establishing “EarthSeed” rural eco-Communes and urban “Mushroom Flush” squats then building out freedom on the open waters!Don’t believe the hype, the libertarians are trying to colonize the idea of “seaSteading” and do it wrong, cuz they know its the key! Grassroots Seasteading!- driving down rent/out slumlords, and abolishing prison….. how about this? crazy yet?

    I’m grounding now (sound like it, eh?) back in Rochester NY, not far from Detroit, and also always a phone call away
    413 429 1567 ( tho that number may change next month, in May)

    also, on the website below, the “home” “philosophy” and “other ventures” are the best pages, the others pretty uselessly dated by now i think

    I wish i were more solid to compose a better intro, but i’m not, so i won’t pretend to be… We can do this, i know that to be true!.. may we find the way

    Now, in prayer- i wish you joy and ease and health and luck!
    for the wild, the water, and the wonder full

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