Meditation Time Travel to 2050 (for Movement Generation)

guided reflection/meditation for Movement Generation (2050)

MG’s invitation: Movement Generation has been coalescing in our (virtual) dream tank and like many of you we are leaning into and processing the range of emotions stirred up by the pandemic crisis. We also recognize this as a time of possibility to act collectively to make the ecological and economic shifts we need. In that spirit, we are leading with our hearts to create a four-session online course series that helps reframe the COVID-19 crisis.

i am adrienne.

i use she/they pronouns. femme presenting brown skinned human with big fluffy hair tipped in rose gold. I’m wearing a bamboo onesie in black and white with lapis eyes, dragons kiss lips and orange glasses.

please join me to time travel to our panelists.

drop into your breath, into your body, and feel yourself, briefly, in the present moment.

now draw your energy back and fling yourself forward, future ward, through space and time.

feel the chaos of leaping over years and decades with only glimpses of place and people. and now let yourself land.

hello – welcome to 2050.

it is YOUR birthday in 2050, so happy birthday to you!

how old are you?

are you in the flesh? are you ancestor?
awaken and fill into that body and feel what you know to be true right now, today. feel the ease of a good life still unfolding.
what is this future you grateful for?

what is your birthday suit? naked? spectacular tech? organic and comfortable?

where do you live? on earth? on a space station? on another plane?

if you’re on earth, are you in the u.s.? is there a u.s.?

what is beautiful about the place you call home? how do you know you feel home?

what is the relationship between inside and outside?
what does the world look like outside your window, or vid screen? green? outer space? both?

when you’re thirsty, what do you drink, what do you eat to start your day?

where does that food and drink come from?

how do you offer gratitude for the abundance of this world?

what does your life feel like?

do you work on something beyond your home and land?

when you leave your home where do you go, and how do you get there?

do you feel free? how do you know?
safe? how are you safe?
healthy? what does healthy mean?
satisfied? how do you feel and know you are satisfied with this world?

this world is shaped and reshaped by movements, movements that you participated in, and still create change inside of, though in different ways.

what are you grateful to have contributed to the shaping of this world? bring your attention to yourself and say thank you for all you gave. and all you received.

how have you been changed?

what impossible battles have been won?
what endless cycles have ended?

what impossible battles are still being fought, or navigated?

what impossible creations are now commonplace?

what has been your best mistake?

how do you feel about facing the end of your life? or beginning of your ancestry?

is there anything else you absolutely must do?

let that fill you up completely, so anyone here in 2050 can feel that absolute commitment in you.

it’s your day: how do you let in the celebration of others?

what does your community do to celebrate?

we get together to reflect and think and be brilliant, so here we are.

welcome to the panel.