Fantastic Life

i am about radical love, actions speaking louder than words, and communication as a point of evolution. this is a space for my writing, songs, poems, experiences, a-ha moments, and documented life – my Fantastic Life. welcome.

Delicious Feelings: My list of relatively affordable places to go and get totally pampered in various cities I have traveled to.

Eat Good: Here’s a collection of recipes I have accumulated recently – some are my creations, some I learned from others, one is from a dream, and so on :).

Drink Up!: There’s nothing like creating a drink, and naming it. I will list here instances of such magic.

Transformative Books: Here’s a list of books that changed me! I will keep adding to it as a remember and read more.

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Life”

  1. want to say thank you for existing so beautifully and truthfully. I’m using a quote attributed to you as the opening for our worship service this week at a small Quaker meeting in upstate New York.

  2. Hi adrienne, this is a small thank you for being you, for modeling a different way of being than most of us have learned, for being so delightfully quotable and so rootedly hope-inspiring. On a hard day – or a good one – just reading your words is a small balm and spark of light, a reminder of many things being possible. I hope your sabbatical is rich and deep and kind and breath-filled. Thanks for sharing small pieces of it with us. My work and self are so much more capable, generous, grounded, and dynamic because of what I have learned from you and the teachers you draw from. Wishing you peace, movement, joy, pleasure! <3

  3. Dear adrienne:

    I’m the associate publisher at Weiser Books. In the summer we’re publishing a new book called “The Alchemy of Inner Work,” by Lorie Eve Dechar. I was hoping you might be willing to let me send you the page proofs for a possible endorsement. You can reach me at Thank you for your time in considering this request.



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