now my life is fantastic

maybe it was:
- the moments when i acknowledged that i can never be perfect,
- that i can especially never become the people in my life i think of as perfect, or
- that each time i have gotten to know a perfect person they have turned out to be marvelously imperfect.
- that i love and am loved by a perfectly imperfect person..actually many of them…
- the ridiculous joy i get during those moments when everything in my tiny little studio apartment is in it’s place,
- when i give away half of the clothes in my closet
- truly free time
- dipping into a totally creative, chaotic free space and seeing the patterns within it
- getting three new william gibson books
- spending more time bouncing my brain off others – in person, on the phone, coming out of my solitude (of the past few months) and into a more interactive phase…
- changing my perspective


right now? my life is fantastic :)

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