boundaries and borders

i have been thinking a lot about borders and boundaries. borders are unnatural lines imposed by humans on lands, in bodies of water that taste like tears, between each other, used to justify all manner of destruction. for borders, you will let grandmothers and babies die.

but boundaries? to survive the onslaught of horrible news i am weeping daily, i am feeling my despair and continuing to write and work and be radical and advance radical ideas with everyone i love, everyone i meet. and i know i must have boundaries around my time and attention as i learn to live in this reality and keep adapting and moving towards liberation.

how do you survive the future when it comes without air, frantic, wrong headed?

learn the difference between boundaries and borders.

like so:

boundary 1.
we need a universe between you and life

you harm us
you say our miracle
is less than yours

i know you do not believe it
you are obsessed with our magic
and you cannot contain us

border 1.
there is no separation
between in breath and out
in tide and out
sun coming up and then giving in to night

but you want to build a wall

border 2.
you exploded my life

but when i brought my babies to your door
you would not answer
because i call god by another name

this shows me
you cannot comprehend god

boundary 2.
i need to turn off the flood
but i do not know how
when i look away it doesn’t stop
when i face it
i can’t breathe for raging
i need lung flesh, a brand new liver and snake skin
i need, every day, dry land

boundary 3.
you want to take everything
and be safe
you only think of now
we cannot have you here
while we speak of tomorrow

border 3.
we think we are free
that is why we let you build walls around us

boundary 4.
we are supposed to be ready for this moment
prepared by our ancestors
but they learned to live in the living
and so will we

testing the abundant nature of love
we pull the edges of our hearts so thin
trying to cover the world
from you

border 4.
this is a lie
it isn’t in the soil
it isn’t in the river
it isn’t in our blood
this is unnatural

border 5.
i am made of words
but if paper is how you police us
i say burn it all

boundary 5.
we are made of spirit
we are made of light
when you pummel us, we heal everyone
when you tear us open,
we show everyone
the way to freedom

a meditation for Jordan Davis

We make this offering against our will.
We lay down another young man,
(Boy. Black boy.)
On this broken altar
To which we seem chained.

This child
Made of dirt and star
        Whom we cannot respirit
        With our wailing rage
We lift up, in all grace, to the sky.

Follow the bright way home, child.
The mystery reminds us
       We do not know death
       We only know this
Mortal ground

This land remains
A field of sunken and bled out dreams
       Pierced through by,
       Bordered by,
Our night terrors of rhythm, of the dark.

We whisper up his river name
As the moon starts to turn away –
Will she raise all these tears into an ocean?
In some way deliver us,
distorted in the pale and shivering gaze?

Forgive us, we let our faith go again.
That resilient weed, hope,
Crept into us, springlike.
We grew fertile, foolish, delusional
We, who still cannot protect our babies.

We are who will not forget
We are who will not forgive
Until black is beloved
In all places –
Even deep within ourselves.

We now and again sacrifice
Flesh, bone, memory, marrow
Dream, son and daughter, future
Though these sweet ripe lives
Mean so little here.

Now take this youth to some other ground,
Fly him to where it is his,
Or when.
Blow him to when a black child
Can stand, and live.