napowrimo poem 13: that springness

write a poem that contains at least one kenning. Kennings were metaphorical phrases developed in Nordic sagas. At their simplest, they generally consist of two nouns joined together, which imaginatively describe or name a third thing. The phrase “whale road,” for example, could be used instead of “sea” or “ocean,” and “sky candle” could be used for “sun.”

in the motor city crisis zone
a glacial age falls finally away
and in that gorgeous absence
we let the firefly season lift us up
we glorify the sun
which will give us every single thing
and then hold us with reckless wonder
until the first snow

detroit summer: a poem

as the fall settles in and the temperature drops, i came across this poem i started about detroit in the summer and it gave me a nice memory. its an offering for you:

crickets storm the city
thousands strong
raccoons creep through the brush
night comes with warm wind
dark starlessness
lit by cop cars
and silent cigarettes

music seeps from car windows
slow now, see these rims
they would sparkle in street lights
but the copper is too precious
a metal
use your imagination

what was abandoned in the snow
now bursts with green
waist high and reaching
squatting and pacing
the grown hearth

and we all coast
between fans, breeze,
cool rooms and cold showers
dressed down to the flesh

maybe we got nothing
but our dignity
our beauty
and this flatland
where up is the only direction

maybe we have secrets
how we survive such a glory
as giving up every single thing
but our smiles