a quickie

oh dear readers – someone wrote me a love letter on their blog!! molly molly bo bolly lo lolly – i linked her under my hot blogs so go check […]

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letting go

i just spent the last three hours with a 3 week old baby asleep on my chest. mmmm baby. this was the definitive highlight of christmas take 3, with the […]

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stranded in s.c.

yesterday my dad, mom, sister autumn and i drove to pendleton, s.c., to deliver christmas to my great-aunt annie, her daughter carmen, my aunt maria and cousin jalen (who has […]

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snow babies

so we’re at my sister’s place in columbia, s.c., for the holidays. her roommate, who owns the house, is the 40-year old Iraq War veteran who is currently in New […]

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i had to take down last night’s post – its the first one i’ve ever taken down but you can’t write drunk posts about some things in life. i tested […]

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i spent the day with babies! that baby clock tick thing is intact…ah hazel and sam are twins born nov 2 2004, who now know how to walk…and follow things, […]

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