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Dear Adrienne Maree,

Depressed about George Bush, Iraq, the weakness of the progressive movement? CODEPINK has just the antidote for you. Our ground-breaking book, Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism,
will be hot off the presses and hitting book stores nationwide May 6th.
(Preorders by bookstores have already pushed us into a second

We are launching our 100 city book tour May 1st in Washington, D.C. on the two year anniversary of "Mission NOT Accomplished."
How could we forget Bush proudly strutting in his flight suit on the
aircraft carrier in front of the banner displaying the words MISSION
ACCOMPLISHED!? Two years later, a country is destroyed, tens of
thousands of American casualties and 100,000 Iraqi civilians deaths and
injuries, and well over $200 billion spent. We will kick off the day
with an outrageous "pink" action in front of the White House followed by a book signing with CODEPINK co-founders and Helen Thomas, Phyllis Bennis and other contributors to the book.

From DC we will tour the country and converge with local CODEPINKs to ensure that our words are as loud as our actions. Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK cofounders and coeditors of this book, want to visit as many cities as possible- so please click here to check the tour dates for May and contact book@codepinkalert.org if you would like to add your city to the tour!

In Stop the Next War Now,
you will find an amazing bouquet of voices? with a foreword by Alice
Walker, intro by Arundhati Roy and contributors including Eve
Ensler, Barbara Lee, Cynthia McKinney, Arianna Huffington, Barbara
Ehrenreich, Amy Goodman, Terry Tempest Williams, Shirin Ebadi, and many
. It shares expert insight on the issues and
powers-that-be that can lead us to war – including the media, our
elected politicians, global militarization, and the scarcity of
national resources. And it offers ideas, hope and inspiration for
building a powerful, effective peace movement.

Join us and Stop the Next War Now 

  • *come to a book release event and support your local book seller (see schedule here)
  • *have Jodie or Medea come to your city (contact book@codepinkalert.org)
  • *participate in a direct action in one of the book tour cities (contact Tiffany@codepinkalert.org to organize)
  • *host your own Stop the Next War Now book party or book club discussion (please send all bulk book order requests to store@codepinkalert.org – discounts may apply)
  • *review the book for on-line retailers, and writing about it on blogs, chatrooms and your favorite websites
  • *pre-order the book today!
  • review the book online at any online bookstore
  • tell your online community about the book (websites, list-serves, blogs, etc.)
  • donate the book to your local library, talk to your local school about getting a copy

Let’s continue to dream and scheme about what we can do to stop the spiral of violence and stop the next war now!

In Peace,

Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Rae, Tiffany and Willow 

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