my church

sanctuary: central park, aids walk

just got home from the aids walk, which is still my favorite event in the world. its the best gathering of people ever. fabulosity and dogs and babies and folks wearing their in remembrance of shirts and cheerleaders and people singing and hobbling and sashaying and its just the best convergence, i get those humanity-and-god-up-my-spine chills the whole time. each time i have more people to walk for, but remarkably – and perhaps foolishly – each time i feel more human, like i’ve seen more perseverance and innovation. amidst the constant loss there is more life than ever. this time i walked with jenn, piper, naina and shane. it was thick today, the air was literally heavy on us and the sky was holding a storm in her skirt but she let us just make it all the way through and spend a minute on the grass. seeing all those people turn out with the threat of thunderstorms, all the kids, all the families. i never regret waking up for this walk.

hymn – listen to citizen cope ‘my way home’:

Sometimes I miss a step
I stumble here and there
I’m findin’ my way home
If I’m lost then I’ll admit
Sometimes i plain forget
I’m findin’ my way home
You can try and stand in my way
You can say what you’re gonna say
But I’m finding my way home

and then go to confession:


hallelujah. amen.