Help Blackademics

This is an open solicitation for support of The Blackademics and WPFW's
Decipher hip-hop block. We are entering our pledge drive and the fact
remains that our block is by no means solidified in its longevity on
Pacifica network or WPFW. Please call in tonight (and/or any other
weeknight) 11p-12a and pledge specifically to our shows or do so online
at http://wpfw.org
to help keep us on the air plus get great gifts and benefits. We all
fought long and hard to get progressive hip-hop and politics back on
the air and the need for such programming has never been more
important. Whether you are local to the DC area or around the world
listening online we need your support. Thank you for your support.

Jared Ball


The Blackademics

Tuesdays 11p-12a

Listen and donate online at:  http://wpfw.org

Show archives: http://voxunion.com/coup/audiovideo.html