gloria g said it best

i’m surviving or i will. thank you for all the home advice and the couple of folks who said they would be down to love me forever, y’all are adorable if not the cool drink of water i’m thirsty for. but its all good. i will find a home and piece back together some  stronger heart that can love even better! all my lessons this year have been in pain, punishment, loss, frustration, not getting what i want, and each time finding i can lift myself, my hope and love and possibility above the current circumstance of life in work and personal isht.  in other news – yesterday was tupac’s birthday in case y’all ain’t notice. in other news, there’s earthquakes in california. in other news all sorts of madness and war continues. my worries are cataclysmic but contained and tiny.

oh but DO go see the malcolm x exhibit at the schomberg.