as the last whisps of massage flow out of my body i want to note for the record that ny smells bad in the summer. i was nauseous as soon as i got off the plane. hot garbage in the summertime. ick. however, i am home and in a bit of a daze.

there’s nothing to snap you back to reality like bobby and whitney. i hope you all got to tune in last night to the great love story of our times as viewed through a crackpipe on bravo. it was deep, moving, sad, funny – basically a full package. i hope someday i find someone who will break out into choreographed dance with me at any given moment, in public.

justice o’connor watched it too, and was so moved she decided to just retire, leaving the wombed half of the population in a spot of dilemma. i highly recommend this being one of those times you do something. even if women having control over their own bodies isn’t your thing, there are tons of other issues out there on which a conservative justice leaves us up shit creek with no paddles or boats or granola. take action: www.now.org

did a cop shoot himself in the leg in queens and the police response was to arrest every black man in the borough? roughly, yes.

in an unrelated matter, there are ants in my house. 🙁 i don’t understand it cause there’s no food in my house. the result is the ants are walking around out of order just like me, hungry.

this is 4th of july weekend. here’s a list of things for tru patriots to do:

– drink
– go to public spaces where fireworks are going off and scream ‘bombs bursting in air’ and run off in absolute terror
– drink more

🙂 enjoy!

p.s. here’s me and my boy toki who you need to check out on MTV teaching folks to rhyme!