not so into america today

its the 4th of july and i kind of feel like we should have a moment of silence.

so much of what gets celebrated on this day is conquering, taking, killing and not doing the right thing until the underdogs get overwhelmingly loud. then people once oppressed get a little power apparently just to oppress someone else. the american story is just the most recent iteration of the same old story.

however, when i think of the amazing things this country has created, i think its time for a top ten list of super american things i like.

10. the first season of in living color.

9. the film the corporation. can everyone please see this movie?  it was made by a canadian, but all the best material is from – you guessed it – america.

8. bbqs. the freedom to throw anything on that grill and it all tastes good, especially with my boy kevin’s magical taco dip.

7-3 all the people i like who happen to be american but in that post-nation head space.

2. my parents and, subsequently, my sisters.

1. malcolm x. his entire existence and story reminds me that sometimes a stone is created to be carved. let us all be pure stone, let’s find balance in the carving, let’s be existentialist and meta-physical and get higher and go higher.

and its not just america..check it:

How deep is your ecology? Take a sounding. Go down until you disagree,
then go back up one level.

Superficial - We should take good care of our planet, as we would any
valuable tool.

Shallow - We have a responsibility to protect Earth's resources for
our future generations.

Knee Deep - Earth would benefit from changes in human activity.

Hip Deep - The planet would be better off with fewer people on it.

Deep - Wilderness has a right to exist for its own sake.

Deeper - Wildlife has more right to live on the Earth than humans do.

Profoundly Deep - Humans are too great a threat to life on earth. The
species should be phased out.

Radically Deep - Human extinction now, or there won't be any later for
this planet. A painless extermination is needed.

Abysmally Deep - A quick annihilation is too good for humans. A
horrible, fatal illness from outer space is only fair.

and this following list amazes me because its nuts that our country’s highest court would be split on such things. for purple mountain majesty, read below:

People for the American Way
has compiled a list of 5-4 rulings in which Sandra Day O’Connor was the
decisive justice. Here are some of the 5-4 decisions that the groups
says are in danger of being overturned:

1.) Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) affirmed the right of state
colleges and universities to use affirmative action in their admissions
policies to increase educational opportunities for minorities and
promote racial diversity on campus.

2.) Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation v. EPA
(2004) said the Environmental Protection Agency could step in and take
action to reduce air pollution under the Clean Air Act when a state
conservation agency fails to act.

3.) Rush Prudential HMO, Inc. v. Moran (2002) upheld state laws
giving people the right to a second doctor’s opinion if their HMOs
tried to deny them treatment.

4.) Hunt v. Cromartie (2001) affirmed the right of state
legislators to take race into account to secure minority voting rights
in redistricting.

5.) Tennessee v. Lane (2004) upheld the constitutionality of
Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and required that
courtrooms be physically accessible to the disabled.

6.) Hibbs v. Winn (2004) subjected discriminatory and unconstitutional state tax laws to review by the federal judiciary.

7.) Zadvydas v. Davis (2001) told the government it could not
indefinitely detain an immigrant who was under final order of removal
even if no other country would accept that person.

8.) Brentwood Academy v. Tennessee Secondary School Athletic
Association (2001) affirmed that civil rights laws apply to
associations regulating interscholastic sports.

9.) Lee v. Weisman (1992) continued the tradition of government
neutrality toward religion, finding that government-sponsored prayer is
unacceptable at graduations and other public school events.

10.) Brown v. Legal Foundation of Washington (2003) maintained a key source of funding for legal assistance for the poor.

11.) Morse v. Republican Party of Virginia (1996) said key
anti-discrimination provisions of the Voting Rights Act apply to
political conventions that choose party candidates.

12.) Federal Election Commission v. Colorado Republican Federal
Campaign Committee (2001) upheld laws that limit political party
expenditures that are coordinated with a candidate and seek to evade
campaign contribution limits.

14.) McConnell v. Federal Election Commission (2003) upheld
most of the landmark McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, including
its ban on political parties’ use of unlimited soft money

15.) Stenberg v. Carhart (2000) overturned a state ban on so-called partial birth abortion.

16.) McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky (2005) upheld the
principle of government neutrality towards religion and ruled
unconstitutional Ten Commandments displays in several courthouses.