i loves my mama

last night my mama sat and told me and a few good friends the beautiful love story of my mom and dad. she remembered how he looked, how he smelled, what he wore, how they crossed paths, and how she ended up married to him 3 months after they started dating. the story was delightful and made me feel all better about how when its right, its right. race and the deep south cannot stop love. you could see everyone at the table like, spun again, on the old magic dust and zing zing and running into sunsets and yeah a person should throw themselves wholeheartedly and wildly into loving you or else don’t even check for them. go mama!! and then about having her babies – my mom was my age when she had her third and last child. she can spin such amazing stories, humble stories of her life and our lives. love that woman.

prayers for all my london folk. the g8 brought their violent outcomes with them then. such misdirected tragedy. a moment of silence…

in a far far inferior local tragedy, i found out this morning that my landlady is going to show my floormate and i’s apts right away. of course. so ny, so gutter. she’s starting to really quite upset me.

but i got a note today saying a loan has been paid off. this is impossible according to my payment schedule thus far but hey – gift horses should be ridden right? yee haw!