do drink and post

hello friends, family, beloveds, et cetera

i am – yes fully awake at 3:30. A.M. i was asleep in the arms of the lovely shane at sofia’s house and hector wsa there and jen and ling-lang (one of whom hit the motherload last night, which means somewhere an angel got her wings!), but i woke with a start and said no couch for you queen! time to stumble home. thanks to the elegant sofia i saw a fabulous show tonight called Cat House – HBO never fails to make me soooooo happy. its about a bordelo school!!! pleasure activists!!

and today we did the pilot show of word, this youth debate show for free speech tv – and the crew was amazing, especially the young promise, and derrick, and abraham, and the marvelous nell guiser, and all of them. and i got to work with keisha green from blackout arts collective who is the loveliest star in the constellation de brooknam! the show i must admit, was dope! hot ladies and even the socialist was appealing and succinct {xoxo lucas!}, got mad viewpoints, we made social security interesting! so hope you all get to see it air, or the dvd which will have all the performances and bloopers and resources.

and i’m watching season 1 of in living color thanks to my homey kevlar, who works at moviefone and as a result is hooked up with enough dvds to run a legitimate kevflix borrowing system. mo money mo money mo money. two snaps in a circle. black world! and i think damon wayans is a genius and i want my next lova-lova to be homey the clown slash a man on film who can make 8 rooms from a cardboard box.

and…what else – got two lovely emails tonight. one thanking me for handling a post raunchy evening gracefully – it was good for me too babies – and the other a blast from the past. life is good and tomorrow citizen cope – who has been knockin me sideways and helpin me find my way home for months – is at summerstage in the park.

AND my sister april ran 8 miles today!!!

oh, AND my cousin fell down in a bad way and she’s hurting but she’s gonna be ok, but the blessing is that if it had been a half inch in either direction that she’d landed (on the shoulders in a game of pool chicken, landed half on the ground, half in a pool, knocked herself out on the pool wall and fractured a lower vertebrae) she’d be paralyzed. thank you, thank you, all praise due, and thank you.

so tonight i am basking in the whiskey tinted joy of post pilot, pro sister, half-inch miracles. the grateful post ‘flesh that came from and will return to dirt’ madness. post debates that remind you we have no answers only beautiful questions and facts that could be popsicles in 100 years. remembering through my man crazy dave sherman the prophet’s words on love. remembering how good bedtime can feel after a good day.

keep an eye on www.freespeech.org for the show. and um…kisses!