looking downwards

this morning i had breakfast at my favorite spot – green apple cafe on dekalb, with queen piper anderson, who is heading up the blackout arts collective these days. what a dope woman y’all. their lyrics on lockdown tour starts next week – check the calendar on their site to see if its comin your way and DO go check them: www.blackoutartscollective.com!

when i got home i was sitting here looking down at my chest, which i have been doing a lot since my mom took me bra shopping last week. i was thinking that my breasts looks pretty awesome except that the left one seems to be larger than the right. no matter what i did, this was the case. finally i ended up topless in the mirror arms above my head realizing that my dedication to the movement has internalized such that the left has a significantly larger home even in my mammaries!!

citizen cope flashback! whew. breathe in wax off.
then – www.raylamontagne.com – another overheard in a restaurant new love of mine. go listen to him.

tomorrow night is rude movements at apt – the tall light and handsome tyler spinning. i’m going…are you?

in other good news – it appears i have negotiated my way back into my apt with mad improvements for a rent raise. never give up, never surrender, particularly when it comes to ny real estate.

my horoscope said to tell that special someone how you feel, so i told my new gay boyfriend shane that he is the shit in a gucci bag.

here are some poems sent to me from my canadian sister claire:

And now we will count to


and we will all keep still




For once on the face of the


let’s not speak in any


let’s stop for one second,


and not move our arms so




It would be an exotic


without rush, without engines,


we would all be together


in a sudden strangeness.




Fishermen in the cold sea


would not harm whales


and the man gathering salt


would look at his hurt




Those who prepare green


wars with gas, wars with


victory with no survivors,


would put on clean clothes


and walk about with their


in the shade, doing




What I want should not be


with total inactivity.


(Life is what it is about,


I want no truck with death.)




If we were not so


about keeping our lives


and for once could do


perhaps a huge silence


might interrupt this


of never understanding


and of threatening ourselves
  with death.




Perhaps the earth can teach


as when everything seems


and later proves to be




Now I’ll count up to


and you keep quiet and I will




 – Pablo Neruda








You do not have to be good.


you do not have to walk on your


for a hundred miles through the
  desert, repenting.


You only have to let the soft
  animal of your body


love what it loves.


Tell me about despair, yours,
  and I will tell you mine.


Meanwhile the world goes


Meanwhile the sun and the clear
  pebbles of the rain


are moving across the


over the praries and the deep


the mountains and the


Meanwhile the wild geese, high
  in the clean blue air,


are heading home again.


Whoever you are, no matter how


the world offers itself to your


calls to you like the wild
  geese, harsh and exciting –


over and over announcing your


in the family of things.




– Mary Oliver

Author: Adrienne

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Your uprising against the forces of darkness has got to do more than say "no." A fierce, primal yes should be at the heart of your crusade. (rob brezny, long ago)

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