return of the muse

"just cause we all hookin up with women, just means that sometimes women
are hot and you have to lay them down and play house" - me, in response
to someone asking if everyone i went to school with is now gay. no, darlings
the world is just getting better.

come to brooklyn, i think we might be in the midst of the ft green renaissance!
yes, brooklyn is babylon too but we are surviving really well here. perhaps because
there's a difference between the people who make a living looking hot and those
of us who make a living and happen to be hot sometimes.

tonight i saw the number one crush. he is so smart that talking to him
is like a hooping session - i have to remember to swivel my brain and still
smile. all i know of him is that he's sometimes at parties i am at and he's
lovely and intelligent. i am always quite glad he exists.

but it was the night of crushes, all of mine came out to rude tonight -
www.rudemovements.net - it was on, such a nice kind of scene

saw an old lover and kissed him between two vans near the piers. he's
reliably sexy and unavailable, perfectly trystable. saw a crushee - i am now
officially her muse! and she's hot. and then my other crush, who swears she
doesn't play with girls. sigh. whose playing? however both bought me drinks.
special night for a special girl!

also notable: chelsea's hipbones yummy yummy, dustin and his camera and the woman
he's either marrying or married is a gorgeous amazing dancer, saw ben who was radiating
the positive life force, adam and his wife, and adeola, and ese from afar!

plus i started the night with my 4 year old boyfriend jalen, turns 5 on monday,
who is so fabolous you should be shamed to be around him and not play. our
swordfights are legendary!

also met with the follow up folks from the tv show, looks highly likely that
we can go monthly with it!

another thought - i am almost at peace with the random ants in the house, they
find what i lose, and if its clean they disappear - almost like cinderella! EXCEPT
when they get bold, and have delusions of grandeur that i am a lost morsel.
eating me? come now!

cocococococo or xoxoxoxoxxoo