another fabulous ft green weekend

ok sorry for the pensive pot post yesterday – this weekend
was actually pretty f-ing fantastic considering all the thinking I was doing…the news of the world is currently really wack, so i had an escapist’s weekend, which i think all activists should do as much as possible!

evansito came to town for I think what was supposed to be a
moment and became a weekend and he is always fantastic to have around. we
started off the weekend at a karaoke bar on 2nd ave, but the folks I
was with kept running next door to a bar called cock?  I demurred, how scandalous! 😉 rumor has it
there was a hot boy-boy dancer and someone tipped him by grabbing his most
valuable accessory and wrapping her dollar around it!!

Yahonnes, my handsomest friend with a car, came and got me
for a while to do my number one favorite thing (exaggeration but not by much) –
driving around ny on a friday or saturday night watching
people. we got pommes frites, listened to
music, laughed at the stylish and then went back to find the cock-ers. this
night in almost every way mirrored one of my favorite nights I ever had with my
heartbreaker, and I remembered that the date I keep in my head as our
beginning, the first night we ever hung out, had just passed. the whole thing
ebbed and flowed and came to an end in less than a year. I found that both
depressing and efficient. I hate watching
people mill about in bad relationships, or bad non-relationships
– and yet I would have loved more time with him. two years. another month.
another day.

 so saturday, evans was still there and regaled up with stories
that made me laugh harder than I can remember ever laughing as an adult. ever.
his skill at storytelling is flawless and constantly improving. I was beside
myself, and by the time I got back my entire body was devastated by laughter.

saturday we were on a mission. a dear dear friend of ours
had somehow made it into her mid-twenties having never experienced an orgasm,
and to me that is an emergency and calls for an all out assault. we had brunch
at the newly reopened café lafayette which is now called café babouche – still the best scrambled eggs and goat cheese and Canadian bacon and coffee on a saturday; and then took off for toys in
babeland (www.babeland.com).

there, we purchased this dear friend my favorite two toys
for basic daily needs – one is the silver bullet, or double silver bullet when
they have that, and the other is the wahl – this plug-into-the-wall wonder with
7 attachments including a scalp massager. I think every woman and some men
should own this combo. the wahl is good for deep muscle massaging as well. then
I coached her as to how to best use them, and other little things she might
like to have around…long story short, it all worked! this dear friend’s life
has now changed! she is in the realm of pleasure!!

I also splurged and got the space invader and I am remarkably
pleased and give it two thumbs up. or one thumb, cause the other hand is busy!

we then went to some ridiculously wonderful expensive soho
spot, then uptown for 6 hrs of monopoly! I love playing board games with grown
ups – their real selves come out with a quickness. ambition, greed, control,
desire, all of it just bubbles up to the surface marvelously.

then sunday I was in my head all day, but got a lot of work
done and had a lovely brunch with evans who I never get enough of. but sunday
evening became a bit super fabulous – jenn and shane and sofia and i went to havana
outpost,  which is becoming a habit, and
they were showing ‘do the right thing’, which is a deep movie to watch with a
bunch of black people in Brooklyn. the corn yummy, the hot dogs irresistible,
and then we got lucky and the man who I guess hosts the whole thing joined us
and I gave him an interview like we were inside the actors studio, plus asked
him repeatedly if jenn and I could have a cabaret night there sometimes. don’t
you think you need more cabaret nights in your life?

ryan gosling was there – have you seen the notebook?
randomly, mad people I know have. I saw it cause it seemed to be the only
watchable thing in the collection at the home of my grandmother (who has been
known to walk out of the theater because of too much cursing or vivacious sex,
to give you a sense of the type of movie this is, and yet, I liked it – very
romantic real-love-cannot-die type story – I’m not going to close the
parenthesis and I just realized that. my bad…so the lead in that film is there
and I told him he was fantastic in it and then he came over and sofia promptly
said: “I hated the last 20 minutes of that movie though, what happened?” which
is great because – while it wasn’t the most polite? it was the most honest.

so at some point I realized I’d reach my tequila input limit
and headed home. several hours later the doorbell goes off and who is on my
stoop but a smiling glowing shane, who’d been kicking much game for the past
couple of hours to a nameless handsome hottie. he couldn’t get in his place
cause some people were passed out and unresponsive? so I took him in, and it
was delightful, cause as much as I hate to admit it the bed has felt mad empty
since heartbreaker bounced.

let’s see – I don’t know why I am writing up this whole
weekend except it was fabulous…oh and this morning I had an awesome breakfast
with laura livoti who randomly bought me a bag
that took my breath away on the street. I heart laura.

hey hector – I know you’re reading and I love you!! was so
good to see you!!

ok, back to working on smackdown 2005 (www.indyvoter.org I hope ya heard).