this made my day!!!

yoma3jane is my MOTHER who lives in



yoma3jane: got to
watch a special on walruses and polar bears

yoma3jane: and penguins…
lusciousmsbrown: you
are like a kid
lusciousmsbrown: i
think you should go back to school
lusciousmsbrown: you
love to learn
yoma3jane: got to see all of them "doing
yoma3jane: hahaha
lusciousmsbrown: LOL
lusciousmsbrown: LOL
yoma3jane: it was so funny!
yoma3jane: like where is that penguin hiding
their stuff… but you knew they were having sex
yoma3jane: and they mate for the summer but not
for life!
yoma3jane: while albatrosses mate for life
yoma3jane: dad is like how can they prove that?
lusciousmsbrown: oh
yoma3jane: but they do – put devices on them to
yoma3jane: but all the instinct inborn in these
yoma3jane: it’s a wonder!
lusciousmsbrown: well
then you and dad are like albatross
yoma3jane: well – sort of!
lusciousmsbrown: what
animals only mate from a distance or for a few months at a time?
lusciousmsbrown: LOL
yoma3jane: we are not spending the rest of the
year apart
yoma3jane: that’s what the albatrosses do – they
fly off their separate ways and meet up

yoma3jane: like how can they do that?!
yoma3jane: find each other and they live close
to 80 yrs!
lusciousmsbrown: well
you just did that
lusciousmsbrown: for
several weeks actually
yoma3jane: i know but seriously
lusciousmsbrown: and
yet you know how to find dad
yoma3jane: well – i put a tracking device on him!
yoma3jane: animals are amazing though!
humans are animals though 
yoma3jane: yes we are…
yoma3jane: and some are good beasts and others
are just beasts….
lusciousmsbrown: thats
why those shows are truly so intriguing
lusciousmsbrown: we
get to watch the behavior of our hearts and instincts –

yoma3jane: i know
yoma3jane: and
the fact that there are people dedicating their entire lives to watching the
habitat of polar bears!
 yoma3jane: can you imagine the tedium of that life… i
mean all told it’s fascinating
lusciousmsbrown: someone
once told me we had no instincts. scientifically. but i think he had no heart!
yoma3jane: but to do that day in and day out…
yoma3jane: really
yoma3jane: oh but we do have instincts….
yoma3jane: and very strong ones…
lusciousmsbrown: well its tedious to us but those folks
watching polar bears probably think looking at a computer or tv all day –
watching metal and glass – is tedious. (to which I’d say, true, true)
lusciousmsbrown: lol
yoma3jane: true dat!
yoma3jane: but balance…
yoma3jane: is important….
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