its a b??

see that’s wack – how come no one told me its haBana outpost, not havana outpost?  

just spent a few hours with 2 shanes and james the jetblue airline
attendant (who doesn’t love jet blue! and who else will sing mariah
with me before the real juice even starts flowing?) and jen (oh right
that’s who will sing mariah:


if i could recapture
all of the memories
and bring them to life
darling i would
hear the distant laughter
wasn’t it you and me
surviving the night
your fading out o my sight swiftly
you’re vanaishing
drifting away. 


lopetti the lovely was there, even ling-lang the great comic and sofia
‘angela davis dreamed of my hairdo’ santana made an appearance. even on
fridays, habana is better. none of that stuffy closed in are my high
heels stupid-cute enough for you brouhaha…


met a boy named
needles – an ex-marine (doesn’t think war is cool, worry not) who winks
and djs. totally charming. he was with paul, a knit capped non-drinker
who was a musician and quite nice, but his other companions were that
sort of belligerant (sp?) straight male that is hard to hold a long
conversation with. i always find it interesting that very cool and
sweet guys flock to these alpha males who no one in their right mind
would want to bed or bemuse.


i think i may have bruised my foot
bone or something. it really hurts, its numb and a little bruised and
swollen. but when? how? not to mention i itch all over and i think it
may be stress! no scars, just momentary hives. its just keeps moving
over me, i want to remove my skin for the summer.


what else – i
was telling my friend of a good book i’d just read, my life as emperor.
what she heard was ‘my life as a zipper’ – which i may now have to
write on principle. but whose?


i’m having a legendary
romantic correspondance with a certain special someone who is calling
me out on my isht! its deep! get out my head 🙂 – no don’t go…


what else?




oh congratulations larisa and bryan! married and moving to turkey to teach. now that’s a life story!!!


less than 12 hours now till Dani R. McClain arrives and i can’t tell
you until she comes all the fabulosity about to ensue…


tequila, don’t make it bad.
take a sad day, and make it better.
the minute, you slip your numb in my heart,
then i can start, to feel slightly better (better better better!)


oh oh – and i saw op miller, better known as opopo, he who has thrilled
audiences from south africa to south portland with his hip-hop smooth
stylings. he always smells good and i cannot impress upon you how
important that is to me.


eat at madiba friends – corner of dekalb and hmmm….carlton maybe? yummy.