from hotlanta

Ok so I am on the road and how to even tell what is happening. Spinning and aspin…here’s a short list:

– conference was DOPE. Quote from one Pittsburgh organizer “that was the best weekend of my life in terms of being productive and having fun” – I got to talk to the people I love and respect the work of more than anyone in this country about how to stay healthy!

– I had perhaps the hottest make-out since high school! Actually…to be honest, it was just a special night cause the party was so intense and everyone was grinding and rolling all over each other and feeling both spiritually explosive and physically reclaimed – back in my body. Do y’all ever feel out of body, not in and into your body? Anyway, I came back into it and it feels good.

– I’m in ATL on my way to everywhere…

– I’m homesick but I love the road.

– I heard of harry potter porn. WHAT???!!!??? Yes y’all, you can not make some things up.

– I love Milwaukee boyz period. Haven’t met one yet that isn’t heaven on a stick.

– My sweetheart calls and writes and calls and writes. Like – is on point with the pursuit! I love this world of mine.

– one of my longest lasting intellectual crushes and I are finally making friends  go adjin, its yo’ birfday!

– Gotta run