cali what?

i got stuck in salt lake city on my way to cali after the lake swim in minnesota. there were no hotels in the city available so they put me up in the number one ski lodge in the country? www.snowbird.com – yeah that’s right.

convo between myself and the red headed cab driver up the mountain once we got out and i was sippin a black and mild before going to bed:

me – hendrix was dope too
let’s call him drake – the best
me – you know he was only alive and famous like 4 years
drake – yeah man. he was a true playa tho!
me – what you know about playas?
drake – ah not much. just got divorced you know, trynna get back in the game
me (innocently) – really? how?
drake – well i keep a full bar and some weed at home
me – that sounds like a good idea, i bet smoking at this altitude is something else.
drake – yeah – its just down the way.

(me ding ding ding – he’s heading towards an invitation)

me (yawning desperately) – yeah woo i am tired. i should go call my man. he’s a boxer so he’s on the road too…well anyway thanks for the ride drake!
drake (moving in like the prince of darkness for a hug and then patting my shocked booty while looking dead at my shocked face) – i like your (pat pat)
me – (jaw dropped)
drake – it sticks out nicely. just a compliment for ya! good night.

then drake was in his vehicle and gone before i could get my mouth closed. i vote salt lake city for the next skinny white boy playas ball!

also, i feel like i should start calling this blog ‘hottubbing across america" cause i got up at 6 am to go try all three of snowbird’s hot tubs in my drawers and t-shirt. swimwear was in my luggage which was locked in the airport, so they could ship it to oakland the next morning but tell me they shipped it to san francisco. i went to san francisco to find it. alas, at that point no one knew where the luggage was and i was already late for wine tasting in sonoma valley as part of adriana/baby (my college roommate)’s bachelorette party. i made it through the party, the afterparty (mash-up at elements on geary y’all, go next saturday if you’re in the bay area) and the rehearsal brunch with just the random assortment of clothes in my bookbag and let me tell you, it weren’t easy. confidence is worth thirteen pieces of bling.

adriana’s family is from los angeles and are all 5ft tall with nails hair and outfits! under the influence i drank long island ice teas, bought j lo shoes and ALMOST got my hair done before i remembered that i am a brooklyn girl who wears no make up and cuts my own hair, usually late at night in the mirror after a shot of jack daniels.

speaking of jack daniels, i now have a drink to look forward to in september with the smartest boy in the world. note to self: reread bikos write what i like…

this trip is full of adventures, my piles of secrets is getting tall enough to be reckoned with 🙂

if you are in the bay and want to have dinner tomorrow night holla at me!