baby is married

oh man
i am still in my dress from the wedding. the shoes, fortunately, are miles from my feet. they were jlo brand, and i rocked them.

baby is married! i only cried through the entire ceremony 🙂 and then some. she looked like a princess. her husband and i agreed she should always wear a princess dress. i’ll post pics when i get them.

i sang in public for the first time in a loooong time and it was – it felt like – people cried. i was so moved i think i had tears in the song. the song was crafted out of a series of near haikus i wrote them early on and put on a collage which they have prominently featured each place they’ve lived. i rewrote it to put to music, so it went like this:

these two are sitting
their hands linked loose like two smiles
their thoughts are leaning
these two are one

two is an illusion
has it always been this way
this is how that once new love looks now
walking talking freely

they store up love
enough to give out the rest
so beautiful
i know someday they’ll be gray that way

the place
where these two become one
is such a tiny gleeful look upon a face
the twoness stops; and their life’s begun

the family all got down – daniel comes from a jewish family so the wedding was mixed with the two traditions and it was gorgeous. his mama and baby’s mama were getting down on it, oh…magic magic magic. there were mad baby’s and little girls dancing with daddy and stuff. if i was the marrying kind, yo.

now i must take off this dress and go to oakland…

dinner tonight and then some drinks at bissab baobab!

tomorrow i’m off to spin academy in petaluma y’all – holla back word is life