california dreamin, california love

peace fam
i’m in a cell hole in petaluma california. the most special thing that happened so far is that i went to put sheets on the bed and when i pulled back the cover a spider crawled out. we sort of looked at each other like hmmm, what you doing here. then i move the cover again and a mouse jumped out, and the spider and i both screamed in fear and ran. i then chose a totally different bed and went to sleep. i can only assume the mouse did the same.

coming down off the wedding magic, i spent a wonderful week in the mission with josie, hallie, natasha – and then last night actually got all my favorite bay folks together for dinner at bissab baobab: seth, mike, ibrahim, hector, hobbes, daniel, kevin liao and his cutie girlfriend lauren, bryant terry and his cutie married friend mike who rocked shame into some random white kid at the open mic we slipped over to at little baobab. and amy woloszyn! we banged out and it was f-r-e-s-h.

now i’m at the spin academy about the learn how to make the dope communications plan we need. looks like i’m going to be doing some lifechanging work with an amazing oakland based organization soon and will get to spend more time on the left coast so i’m happy about that.

haven’t been home since august 2 and i have to admit i’m feeling the travel up my back and on my skin. keep having little hives and waking up with wonder. still the next steps are amazing – minnesota for lakes and wellstone training, and then the 5-0-5!!! albuquerque for some in-depth with those desert hotties.

life is good, then better, then great. my heart by the way is feeling so healed these days and love is all around. so in case you were concerned or worried, my little care bear power is AMPING back up….