5 – 0 – 5

i’m in albuquerque, which is a city i deeply love. i love the green chile, i love the hot dry weather, i love the all day free internet and coffee at rb winnings, i love frontier and gecko’s and i love the young organizers here who have insane energy.

i forgot to mention that i had an amazing and private giggle session with a pit bull puppy the other day in minnesota. all i really want in life is find a partner to go half with me on a puppy. a boxer maybe, or a little thing.

here i watched some arrested development this morning and fell in love. that show is the bomb. wow. i mean whew. finally.

what else…

albuquerque is placed up against a mountain right, and then you look down and out over the desert, cut cross by the rio grande. the sunsets here are so spectacular that it reminds you how limiting language is, and how funny god is.

i think i have to up and leave this coffee shop now.

oh but wait – pat robertson said on national radio that we should just assassinate huga chavez with special ops. then today he was like – i was misinterpreted! ok, so on one hand i think mr. robertson is hella crazy and ignant, but i love that he got caught calling it like it is and basically acknowledging that that’s what happens to folks who fuck with the u.s. i love with the cracks gleam on this broken record of our failing nation. viva venezuela, viva hugo.

i love the southwest, i love living out of the back of a car. i may now go for a drive!