Hurricane Relief Parties this WEEKEND

(see blog entry AFTER party announcements)

So I know we are all devastated and appalled at the human tragedy in N’awleans, because despite the natural disaster impetus, the tragedy is all human. Bad planning, bad funding, bad response, and then a quick fast unveiling to the racism that is stacked like gold at the top of our government. I have never loved Bush, but I see the devil clear in his face as he refuses to acknowledge that in the absence of resource provision folks will take what they need to take to feed their babies and their elders and themselves. Yes, folks are going crazy down there, but not one of us is more than four hungry days from madness, don’t forget.

There’s two things popping off Sunday for Hurricane Relief that will be fun. One is early evening, one is late evening, and both will send all resources and benefits to our folks down there.

The first thing is y’all know how i’m always talking about Habana Outpost as my favorite spot ever, which was reconfirmed yesterday as I watched the owner hustle to pull together local businesses to have a benefit on Sunday and send the $ to FEMA and Red Cross for New Orleans.

Habana Outpost Brooklyn {and the Virgo Bash Crew} presents:
Relief 4 New Orleans and the Gulf Coast
755 Fulton St (at S. Portland)
Games pop off at 5pm
Movie starts at 8pm
Party starts at 11pm with DJ and Letitia James gave us special permission to DANCE.
$10 suggested donation
(want to help immediately and/or can’t make it? Call 1-800-HELPNOW
I just talked to Rashid n dem from MXGM and they are doing a clothing drive, and said this can be a pick up point, so bring whatever you can and it will get down there.

A lot of folks been askin about the Virgo Bash this year – I would be honored if folks would come out on Sunday night and make this Virgo Bash a benefit for those who have been left behind and need our help; and those who have been displaced indefinitely.

also, my girl Keisha and the Blackout Arts Collective are gathering materials for their N’awleans Blackout Fam. See Details below – no reason you can’t do both. Every little bit is needed.

Subject: Reminder: Brooklyn Family Reunion & Hurricane Relief
From:    "Keisha Green" <info@evite.com>
Date:    Thu, September 1, 2005 10:44 am
To:      adrienne@indyvoter.org

Greetings Beautiful People:

We are so happy to know that many of you have decided to bring your Labor Day in
with us on at the Roof Top Pavilion!

We are excited to celebrate the last big summer weekend with all of you!

Remember: bring a friend, alcoholic beverages to share, and a picnic blanket for
your bum while you watch movies.

Also, folks, we want to support the relief efforts to those who have been affected
by the hurricane.  We plan to collect donations at the party to go towards Red Cross
and/or to the Blackout Arts Collective (BAC) chapter in New Orleans. 

Check the Blog Page on www.blackoutartscollective.com for more information about the
families who have been devastated by the storm (postings later today).

There are several Blackout members in New Orleans who are currently homeless without
clothes, shoes, and other basic necessities--this includes one entire family who was
fortunately evacuated after spending two days on their rooftop (they are currently
in a shelter in Baton Rouge).

Please support us by making donations at the party.  Or you may visit the New York
Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) to make a donation earmarked for Blackout Arts
Collective. It's easy to do ... and will make a huge difference!

You may also bring supplies to the Blackout Office (ask Keisha Green for details).
We are sending packages to folks who have been displaced in the coming weeks.

Go to NYFA.org - support NYFA - make an Online donation that is tax deductible -
select Give to Sponsored Projects & Organizations under Program Contributions - then
enter an amount - select in Honor of - NYFA as the first name, Blackout Arts
Collective as the last name, and in personal comments write: New Orleans Relief

Again, we look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, Sept. 4th at 6pm!

Love, Keisha, Dottie, Jodie, Marcella, Claudine, and
For reference, your link to this Invite is:

ok a couple quick things:

1. i sent an email for a gas strike today and mad folks were like thanks and some were like – gas strikes are hopeless. my feeling is: gas strikes aren’t going to solve the whole problem but folks takin a day off gas ain’t gonna hurt no one either. its not an either or. just so folks know where i’m comin from on that.
2. someone’s been smoking crack on my stoop! i found the pipes and lighters and a big pee stain out there this morning. nothing like the detritus of crack in the morning.
3. there’s a crazy house in brooklyn by the salvation army near gates avenue and i want to get inside – any leads?
4. coming soon is a list of reasons why i think it is important to be completely turned out on or near your birthday! woo-hoo… 🙂
5. my computers at home say they can’t renew my ip address so the lovely people at pmp let me use their computer today to get this announcement out. i love y’all and will write more soon, lots and lots going on!
6. i have been having very deep conversations on love and happiness with several friends and one yesterday basically said you have to make a choice, that women of color have to make a choice. so my choice is, i want a stay at home partner. does anyone know some creative political beautiful person who’d be down to hold babies and travel with me? HOLLA

love and love and more love