the truth – i mean…the message

just heard the director of FEMA was fired…small, little tiny step towards justice. sososo late.

in another form of justice, i got some hotness last night. i love when you get to the point with another human being where you can call and go to them and not say too much and get to lay some sweet on them, feed the beast a bit, conquer an urge and work your anger out through your body – passion is maybe the only thing as delirious as this world.

was on a messaging call today on how to frame reactions to the hurricane aftermath and here’s what they said {george lakoff, van jones and others}:

– think in terms of a common gov’t for the common good
– gov’t owes its people basic protection. levees high enough that children don’t drown. public transportation in evacuation plans. 
– don’t use this as a chance to go all partisan, stay on the relationship between a gov’t and it’s people
– we say we all need to have each other’s back; they say those who can afford to will survive

what stood out to me more was folks saying:
– at minimum, 25,000 people are dead
– 70% of white people don’t feel race played a part in this tragedy. !!!!!!. !!!!!!. how can we politely communicate what a hundred photos of tortured black faces and drowned black bodies hasn’t yet gotten across?

i was at the canal room benefit last night hosted by kevin powell. some bougie black folk up in there, good hearts with corporate manners…always takes me a second to adjust. it was a chaos of compassion – here’s a picture of how much stuff was gathered

it was deep to see how much stuff had been gathered – much more than one truck could hold. i was with this brilliant organizer from detroit who said something along the lines of – you know detroit is the poorest city in the country right now. what kind of crisis would we have to have for folks to realize this is constant? we have everything we need – how we gonna be better at taking care of ourselves?

to end this on a good note – i have gotten a lot of folks to take self portraits from above, and then a picture of my now 5 yr old favorite boy in the whole world, jalen kai alba de novais…here goes: