my own way

do you ever wake somedays feelin like you have your own way of seein things? i woke up this morning for a few minutes with my own understanding…some kind of vision. i can’t explain it.

total topic change: i love astrological signs, i believe all of them are true for everyone. whatever you read in it can guide you. all of it. this month mine it all says lay low. my rising says show off. my moon says fall in love.

everyone is having crazy dreams right now – dreams that they are being persecuted, anxiety through the night, that they are being chased, that they are running away, that everywhere is death. i am having dreams a world i don’t really have words to describe other than otherworldly, or post-nuclear – everything is grown, homes – buildings – vehicles…its like the next phase of evolution perhaps is that the world of plants and trees gets truly survivalist and starts growing itself into what we are tearing it down to create space for. and in my dreams i am one of many warrior-negotiators. everything is about to change. again.

i am so nervous to sing tonight!!! this is my dream…

my birthday always lasts at least a month. in its continuation, i had a great dinner last night at moutarde with adam, karynn, malia, and jenn rolled thru for a bit. i am going thru an onion soup period! mmm- bread and cheese and soup? what??

that’s it for today…think lucky thoughts for me tonight!!