best believe i sweat out weaves

i worked parenthetically yesterday. woke up early and worked, then worked late at night. spent the whole middle of the day in the russian baths with my sis, karynn and malia. its a whole nother world there. steamed and salted and sweated and rubbed down and dipped and swedish showered and got things cracked and lost toxins and got peppermint exfoliated. i can’t think of anyone who doesn’t need this. you sweat lodge, you feel the toxins all leaving your body. mmmm. natural high for hours.

because of the good reaction to my riverside moment, i might sing at a service on the ellipse in dc for the anti-war march. i have to admit i am not big on marches personally. gatherings yes, protest yes. i always feel empty after walking around the way-too-white house. but if we could get a hundred thousand people all singing in unison we might just burst all the windows of that upper scale crack house anyway…

moyarwatch: its down to ferrer here in nyc for those who are watching.

everyone raise a fist and a prayer for folks going down south to help. if u have any media skills and can go down and gather materials as a witness holla! i know a few opportunities!

i was talking to someone dear this morning and they were feeling down about the state of the world with its skirt blown up by a hurricane. and the negative feelings were starting to build up. but i said and say, don’t hate a people. love your own, understand who you and your people are and love them. if you act from love for your people, you cannot be broken. hate robs from you the rational ability to survive, makes you brittle and reactionary.

i’m re-reading ‘prison writings’ by leonard peltier and living/learning the idea that you humble yourself to love and serve the people which makes all things possible.  recommended reading for alla y’all.

also read this thing in vanity fair about a woman who died from cancer, what her life was like and what her thoughts on death were like: how valuable time becomes, how little you want to waste any of it. on that note – PEACE