and lions

after yesterday’s crazy ass post i swore not to post in the morning anymore, but me being me i hate the idea of that limit, so here i am at 9am. i did walk it off yesterday,
AND i had an awesome night last night cause i got to see my beloveds:
evans, janine, sofia, shane, nathan, my sister autumn, jenn, justin,
paola…that’s a paydirt night.

i am fasting, and i learned from my headache this morning that you shouldn’t drink wine while eating no food at all, cause it makes you feel dumb lethargic when you wake up! i have grade b maple syrup and cayenne pepper so i am going to buy some lemon and go more master cleanse route.

what’s really fun is when you tell people you’re fasting all of the sudden they are experts on fasting! you would not believe how many people want to help me keep on the right track with the fast, some with advice, and some just by saying you can’t have that! i feel like sunflower seeds would really help, but experts say no! so i know this will be a very successful fast 🙂

on a deeper note, i woke up this morning with leonard peltier very clearly on my mind. its interesting to fast for the freedom of someone you’ve never met, but who has had a major influence on your way of thinking. i want to meet him now, go and speak with him, interview him, learn in person, help tell his story.

Movie Corner:

i was up with energy last night, so i watched crash. yeah – its a must see. the sentiments are not surprising or groundbreaking, but the movie lines things up really intelligently and i am surprised about its being made and being such a hit in this place.

a movie for your Not To See list (i only hope you have one): Domino. I got to see it in screening and its awful – too long, too loud, too many visuals trying to distract from the backwards-ass story line, and not enough nookie between the hottie stars.

now, you can’t keep baby in a corner, even if its a movie corner!! so, speaking of hottie stars, two people i love had a big fight last night and broke up, i don’t think permanently but still, i was doing the heartbreak stroll till 2:30 this morning, during which a roach crawled over me. then i had more nightmares. and i got a charlie horse!

on the flip side, my hair looks really good this morning, and i walked the park pretty fiercely yesterday and am about to go walk again. walking helps put it all in perspective, bring a little balance back in.

oh if you’re in or around philly this weekend call me, i’ll be at the pa hip-hop convention! road trip!!