oh yes it is! and i am in a cross continent race to the polls. usually half an hour is fine to get in and thru the airport for stuff but not at LAX! i went to the wrong terminal and now i have to wait for the next flight to nueva york which arrives at 7:38, and then book it to harlem to vote! if you don’t know what to vote for today, our key states are covered in voter guides at www.indyvoter.org…and new york ended up not being a key league state this year, but here’s info for voters wondering where to look for guidance, according to maria bacha:


There are more than 1.3 MILLION New Yorkers of voting age who can’t participate in our local democracy…

Raise your voice so that others can be heard!!! Support the E X P A N S I O N of voting rights to
tax-paying non-citizen immigrants!!!

Join us for a Press Conference and City Council Hearings on the Voting Rights Restoration Act (Intro. 628)

Date: Monday, November 14th
Press Conference: 9:30AM on the steps of City Hall
Hearings: 10:00AM – 1:00PM at 250 Broadway (across from City Hall), 14th Floor Hearing Room
Directions by Train: 1/2/3/9/A/C/J/M/Z to Chambers Street, N/R to City Hall, or 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge

For more information, contact Cheryl at cherylatnice@yahoo.com or (718) 205-8796.

The League NY’s own Maria Bacha has been invited to testify. Lets roll as a big crew! Call Maria at 347-729-3564 to join.

No taxation without representation.

Participation = Power

in other news, yesterday i got to kick it with watts community organizers aqeela and treisha and see the neighborhoods they organize, plus aqeela’s developing community art space and book store, and the offices of the community self determination project, really amazing work and community entrepreneurship. aqeela helped broker the peace treaty between the bloods and the crips in l.a. and his story is inseparable from the history of watts, including last year’s murder of his eldest son. he is an inspirational for real, and we need to be bringing in our own bank. to that end, check out their cd at  www.wattsrecords.com – its REALLY REALLY good, all watts-based artists. if you’re looking for gifts for the upcoming season of getting and giving…

and then last night i got to go out with a hard core direct action crew as they practiced large scale projections and it was pretty fucking awesome. they get these projectors that can cover the side of a building with a message like 2000+ killed for iraqi oil, for instance, and i got to watch the troubleshooting process of these genius technical organizers. my work with ruckus really inspires and excites me, as i see more and more each day just how important the direct action piece of our work is with these fools trying to get at us. plus they know how to give massage, order good pizza and other fun loving pleasure activist activities!

and had a great conversation yesterday with an organizer i respect probably more than anyone else in the country, he broke me off some knowledge and some guidance for self-reflection. accept the call, accept the call…this is a time for LEARNING.

wish me luck getting into ny in time to cast my vote y’all!

oh and a shout-out to gavin who has been inspired by my blog to start his own!! gavin is a no joke organizer in cincinnati, ohio – check him out: http://gavinleonard.blogs.friendster.com/