kicking ass and taking names

wow the league really worked it out yesterday! www.indyvoter.org…the results are in and where we worked, we saw good good things!! on the path towards a progressive majority, takin no prisoners. terminator my bootay…arnold got shut DOWN at the cali polls in a way that makes me feel damn near giddy. propo-who? propo-what? big up to the oxnard and frisco leagues, as well as bernard and his crew in l.a. AND my girl alysia is now a city councilperson in oxford, ohio! VA went Blue in the governor’s seat! plus buffalo has its first black mayor! that almost makes me forget that we still have a white republican mayor here in the city of immigrants.

in other news, did i tell y’all i backed a hybrid into a wall in l.a.?  it was late, the alley was small, and i was so excited to be in this little hybrid. also i had been almost asleep for the entire three hour drive to l.a. and doing all those little stay awake things – pinching self, thinking hard thoughts, singing aloud to prince, drinking coffee, slapping face, reminding myself that the only person more tired than me was my passenger…but the alley wanted to cop a feel and i couldn’t resist…ouch. i really respect and love the owner and hope she has insurance.

i must have done something right because this week everytime i come on here someone new is requesting officialized friendship…is this my life?


yes – i got sent beyonce wedgie pictures today,
yes – i laid in bed the entire day working in a supine position and playing with toys (i keep blowable bubbles and a kalaidescope right by the bed!) and my hair is all sticking straight up the way only a day in bed can make it do…just right!
yes – its only wednesday in this game called life.

i got off the plane yesterday to an empty wallet and empty bank account. why, god? why? oh – cause i rented a car that placed a massive hold on my account? oh ok. well i guess i’ll count the quarters in the bottom of my bag and – 4, 4.50, 5.50, just enough to get the airtrain and subway to my neighborhood! i considered jumping the turnstyle but there were some people guarding it. but i then met with some folks looking to do interesting public finance campaigns in the next year and i am a fan of that plan, its time.

and now a moment for led zeppelin. i have liked lz from afar, but finally got two cds worth and i am rocking out all over the house with it on blast. also listening to m.i.a., esthero, madonna, dead prez, the new fiona (which sounds like old fiona but thats ok), and tons and tons of biggie. that boy had a dirty mouth.

i’m also listening to peyote ceremony songs, which a new friend was told i should learn.

in other news, am planning a dec 3rd party in solidarity with the actions in montreal around the global warming international meetings up there – lock it into your datebooks, should be a hot one.

and, my sweet beloveds, a reminder. it is winter, and so it is more important than ever to keep yourself hydrated and keep your skin moisturized. to that end:

1. drink more water than you currently do. but live your life like we’re in a water shortage (cause we are) and preserve water while showering, brushing teeth, washing dishes, flushing the toilet. i put a little nalgene bottle sized plastic container in my toilet which helps reduce the volume of each flush and i have joined the if its mellow let it yellow crew. it takes a while to shift the practice, but we waste SO much water flushing water.

2. also, one more way to be progressive – lotion LIBERALLY. tip for the cheap – get a really nice lotion that smells like you want to smell, then get something with no real scent that’s cheap and mix the two in your palm – a dab of the former and an isht-load of the latter. also, put it on right out of the shower – pat down and then lotion while skin is still moist. it holds better.

3. buff yourself! i’m learning a lot from the russians, and a major part of the lesson is that you should regularly discard the entire top layer of yourself to help your skin breath and stay really clean.

4. treat yo’ feet. just lotion and put some socks on and let it soak in. peppermint lotions are the best.

thats all for now…all this has me wanting to slather myself 🙂 amb