woe is my toe

actually its the center of my foot – woe, woe, woe.

i’d like to send a shout-out to sofia n. santana, manager of my singing career, who told me she grew up with wooden floors and knew exactly how to extract a splinter. she told me this because i had a splinter. but the night when i turned to her, called her and said can you help me, she sounded sleepy and so, me being me, i went home and tried to do it myself.

i tried to do it by piecing together the snippets of information she had given me…sterilize a needle with heat or something and dig that sucker out…the bottom of the foot doesn’t hurt…tweezers?

i tried to do it by holding my foot in one hand and the needle in the other and rolling around for a good angle, jabbing at the most hurtingest part, and then looking at the growing mess in the mirror. i tried to do it self-medicated. i tried to do it past the pain and obvious mess of it.

result? i have spent the last period of time with a bit of a hole in the bottom of my foot, smiling through self-inflicted pain, and i am not sure after all of that if the splinter is out, and its starting to hurt again. so. if i get gangrene and die or lose my foot i would like for y’all to pour one out not for my missing fetishizable foot, but sofia n. santana and her guilt!


i went to see the great joshuagabriel last night. he is an artist who i have watched be up and coming for years, and his music is getting angrier and more political as his voice improves. it was exciting. i used to be his sidekick, so it was funny to be there watching the cycle of the artist and the circle of the artist; but it was cool. made me think, as many things do, of gwen stefani and knowing when you cool with someone.

this is the age of watching people you met in one iteration get all deep into another. the unexpected, the new loves, the family drama, the baby mama, the next phase…say a prayer for the ones you love to make it safe the CHANGE cause change is god’s kiss.

and a beloved told me today that i should go to law school. grrr. school.

i almost had an awesome post on the france riots today from a guest writer but alas, she wasn’t pleased with the quality…soon and soon! paris is burning.

here’s something to do this weekend:

Toward a Green, Just, Sustainable Greater
At the CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Ave, at
34th St.),
Friday and Saturday,  November 11/12
Don’t miss the most dynamic and
diverse grassroots eco gathering in NY
, as activists and experts working on a
wide range of issues (environmental justice, water, food, air, transportation,
education, energy, design, architecture and "green" technologies , parks/open
space, biodiversity, urban planning, community empowerment, art, media, etc,
etc) from all over the city and the metro area gather to share their work,
inspire us and each other, and celebrate the too often unheralded, extraordinary
creativity to be found in NYC’s eco-activist landscape. 
The ideas, initiatives and
energy to make our city and region greener, cleaner, saner, fairer, freer and
more joyous are here now
Come help make it happen.   
Note: One special focus this year will be on
activist students and youth and helping to nurture tomorrow’s eco leaders

(admission will be free for youth under 21 and students at all
For more information and a full program schedule,
see: www.ecometropolis.org
JASON WEST, the very young
"green" Mayor of New Paltz who became a national celebrity will give a
keynote talk on Friday night the 11th
in an evening featuring music, poetry,
eco-fashion and much more in a great culmination of a day celebrating every
facet of youth eco activism and environmental education.
Saturday morning, November
12th’s plenary sessions will feature four extraordinary figures:
legendary environmental justice advocates, founder of West Harlem Environmental
Action (WEACT)
Executive Director of Riverkeeper
JOHN TODD, a legendary,
world renowned figure in "green biology" and eco-design, co-founder in 1969 of the groundbreaking New
Alchemy Institute and co-author of classics such as >From Eco-Cities to Living Machines in a rare NYC
North America’s most inspiring experts on urban agriculture and gardening and
urban food security and justice
For more information and a full program schedule,
see: www.ecometropolis.org
Eco-Metropolis is co-produced by the Continuing Education &
Public Programs at The Graduate Center at CUNY, the New York Open Center and the
Bioneers Conference
…(and special thanks to THE NATION
You can register
through either:
-CUNY Graduate Center’s
Public Programs: 212 817-8215 website: web.gc.cuny.edu/cepp
-or the New York Open Center at 212
219 2527, ext 2 website: www.opencenter.org
Admission will be FREE
GRADUATE SCHOOL. We are trying to keep the price of admission as affordable as
possible for all but to do that we really depend upon those of you who can
afford it to help us by paying at the higher "ally/supporter" rate, or, for the
truly generous and/or prosperous, at the "benefactor" level.
Full Conference: standard
$40; ally/supporter level: $50; benefactor: $75
One day: $25; ally/supporter
level: $30; benefactor:$45
Friday night only: $10