a little sick

first of all, beautiful news, one of my beloveds, khari mosley, was named one of the top 40 under 40 people making an impact on pittsburgh. not surprised but happy they see it!

had some good conversations this week with people i love. to that end i say, who are you not in touch with that you need in your life? reach out.

now, action of the day, sign this petition: www.SaveTheCourt.org/StopAlito

club to join of the day: if you like progressive movies, go check out http://www.ironweedfilms.com/subscription?viapc=EM01CFF
– it’s like a netflix of progressive films! and if you don’t like progressive movies, who are you? why are you reading this blog?  leave me alone!

something else to watch: the boondocks! on adult swim!! yeah its funny!

and i am looking at my upcoming schedule i see i am gonna be out of ny a lot in the next month or so…anyone interested in subletting a sweet studio in new york for december?

my stomach is on a boat somewhere and i am feeling the effects of it today, feel hella seasick and i can’t do anything but lay on my back. and, anyone who interprets dreams HOLLA at ya girl. i have something i want deciphered…