today is hard…

not hard for me personally, i’m deep in my process and working my way through all these thoughts in my head – who is serious about this movement work, who is not serious…what is power really like and how fast do we have to go before people see that we are building it and it takes time…and why are all the amazing people i know going through the hardest times of their lives?

when i run out of hope i start to run on faith. i’m at that place now. i’ve been spending some good time in my head, and some great time working, but for today, i give it all over to faith. faith that there’s a purpose to the pain beyond my comprehension and faith that we do take things so personally and so seriously sometimes when it doesn’t have anything to do with us, when its time and circumstances and all we are meant to do is give in to the flow and survive. hope will return tomorrow, as i am about to travel down to south carolina and meet my sister’s football boyfriend and taste my grandmother’s cooking.

days with my sisters! thank god!

i’m tired 🙂