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just got home from santana’s birthday party. the great santana, the great party! it was about some pizza and some whiskey and some dancing y’all. santana’s the best dancer, though shane is the best at being bent over and spanked.

spent the day in jersey, rushed back to get the pizza on, yeah santana likes pizza! it was the best little party, she got the ill crew.

we salsa, we samba – by we i mean jen, who dances like an angel since brazil. sofia got fabulous gifts, scarves, bags, whiskey, beautiful pieces…

my sis was there, and we parted blunted ways on dekalb – i left my laundry damn it! it was worth it. a good birthday is a blessing. dancing with gay men is a blessing. red velvet cake is a blessing.

last night my perfect day turned into a night of adventure – after dinner with the amazing isaac, the newly affianced, i realized my keys weren’t in my bag, and there was a hole in my new turquoise cardigan and – walking up and down dekalb no keys were piercing a hole in my high…i went to my landlady and she gave me keys that worked for the front door but not the back. but it was time to help santana bring in her birthday and that meant time for wine and cake. thank god for sofia – i’ve been warned that i ten to write way over the top, and of course i didn’t know that. people always tell you what they think you know laughing.

last night a drunk friend showed up here to pass out in the bathroom and then in the bed. i can’t laugh cause now my head is spinning. my booty call and the key rescue coincided and i realized i do have priorities: getting into my home beats new young booty every time! i gots to keep plants alive.

whew i am drunk. there was a man in doctor’s clothes, my favorite dj, and the most fabulous from far and wide. now i can’t see straight, so i am going to take that as a sign to go horizontal, though the drunk in me knows that sometimes leads to spinning…

julia the hilarious was there. she has a sandra bernhardt appeal but more lovely and cracky.

i know its also world aids day. i’ve posted a few events on here to support folks who are helping hiv+ community through the hard times, and folks who inspire us to handle our business daily. i should reread this for errors but i can’t read in this state. which begs the question, should i post in this stage.

could you tell i am doing an outlandish british accent this whole time, and more importantly, tonight i became convinced again that…oh that beauty is king.

low battery, must run!