i spent the day with babies! that baby clock tick thing is intact…ah hazel and sam are twins born nov 2 2004, who now know how to walk…and follow things, and are starting to talk. right now they say ‘dat. dat.’ its completely amazing.

i’m in california y’all, in berkeley, just a few steps from the beloved yert. tonight if all goes well i will see daniel and sleep at naina’s and get all my work done before heading to the cabin tomorrow.
i’m looking forward to these next two weeks, something in me loves being immersed in the work, undistracted by aim and gaim and chat and text and phone and emails, just thinking and plotting and scheming.

i’m hella tired cause i had a busy night last – ran thru the climate crisis coalition rally – stuff is happening all weekend all over the world in solidarity with the international climate crisis meetings in montreal. follow the drama and action at www.itsgettinghotinhere.org!

i ran from there to a world aids day event in el barrio that my friend shonali invited me to mc – it was uplifting, i salsa’d my ass off with the kids and just had a great time and there was a live band, and one mami in the craziest dress – like black strings off of a black sleeveless leotard and furry boots. i love dancing with kids, they don’t care what anyone thinks yet, and they are just starting to get their body to respond to what they are hearing…so fun.

THEN dani, who was reporting at the event, dragged me to a party in d.u.m.b.o. where i expected to be too tired to engage, but it ended up quite a lovely laid back party, lots of people i love to see were in and out, highlights on sharda, jee, supriya, gina, ricardo, john. and a shout out to the whiskey cause don’t u know dani and i got un poco tore up, then went to my spot where i kind of packed and in the midst of a fabulous session of mutual self-confidence, we kind of passed out.

luck woke me up a little after 5 with just enough time to make the flight, and fortune let the guy sitting two seats in front of me give me the rolling stone with jay-z on the cover. JOY. UNPRECEDENTED.

also while on jetblue, my favoritist airline ever, i watched lots of making the band (final episode thursday – not that i care) and the VH1 countdown for 2005 best videos and my girl mariah was putting them to shame with sequels, water sports, and hand motions!

ooh now i’m pink? dunno why!

i am so tired and still so much to do tonight!! PACE PAZ AXE ETC