i had to take down last night’s post – its the first one i’ve ever taken down but you can’t write drunk posts about some things in life.

i tested a theory last night, dancing with my glasses on for a while and then taking them off. it was a very clark kent/superman moment, after which i was nearly mauled. the place was starfoods, the event was santana’s going away party. she’s going to colombia for a few months, and while i recognize it as a fact i am in denial about the reality. no sofia? ugh – the dancing was on though, the whiskey was quick and the people were tall, everyone moved right, everyone looked good and felt good, my fave dj cosi on the tables…i love new york.

last week i took the meyers-briggs test and you’ll never believe – i am an introvert! the rest of it didn’t surprise me…i’m iNtuitive, an exact split between Thinking/Feeling, and Perceiving. i like to be alone, to think things through, to fight for my values, to describe the world.

today i have good morning vietnam from netflix, a couple of faik’s special cookies and my own bed again! i have my integrity intact and may do some writing beyond this before the day is done. then i’ll see some friends. a perfect INTFP day 🙂 enjoy yours.