a quickie

oh dear readers – someone wrote me a love letter on their blog!! molly molly bo bolly lo lolly – i linked her under my hot blogs so go check the love. danke darling.

things i LOVE right now:
– dolly parton
– celeste faison for giving me the mariah xmas album. a vindictive bi-racial schoolmate in germany stole my original copy and since then i have wavered between making the purchase and my overarching distaste for xmas music. but i always long for that perfect xmas song and have listened to ‘all i want for christmas is you’ about twenty-3 times in the last two days. she also gave me mary j blige but i haven’t yet listened to it. shame.
– stargate the series. can you imagine finding that a movie you fell in love with conceptually at like 16 has been developed into a television show and there are already 8 seasons in the world which you can rent on netflix and completely and totally DORK OUT!!!! (breathe, breathe)

things i hate:
– people who let their dogs shit on the sidewalk. so uncouth.
– people leaving me. i know on many levels that they are not leaving me but rather this location and stuff but damn. taint right.

things i like a lot:
– i had a hottie collision in cali, which is just one way of saying i have met a new match, and heard from him today. i have spoken about this before, samuel r delany has a sci-fi concept called a perfect erotic match where you can determine to a decible point a measurement of how hot someone is to you. you know when you meet someone and you kind of want to just smack them and throw them up against a wall? yeah that…shit makes you do the cabbage patch!

for discerning folks like myself (i’ve made one error in 27 years and, to be honest, it was fun too…hee hee) the match is reason 1-9 on my top 10 list of great things about being single. number 10 is not having someone up in my business all the time.

cause i am an introvert.

this quickie is getting too long, and i think my mother is secretly reading these again. mom – just don’t think about it too much! i certainly don’t plan to, and that’s the whole point…and remember i am a pleasure activist and this comes with the territory and…oh why bother i know if you’re reading this you are laughing your ass off.

must go sit in the presence of sofia now and not throw a tantrum about how i am better than cartegena!