cartegena 1, me none!

ok first of all, www.chappelletheory.com

second, one of my bfffs and my main road dawg sofia is off to miami and then colombia and its done. if you’ve never met sofia, suffice it to say that she is one of the deepest, smartest, wisest most beautiful and wonderful people this planet has produced. this year she has taught me an immense amount about love, life, trust, devotion and real friendship. and now she is going to be out of site for 5 months, near a beach and near family and teaching english and having her first real vacation since i’ve known her. and i am surprisingly ok – because either i am in deep denial OR i really do grasp that this is a great step and it’s all good.

third of all, happy new year!!!! 🙂 i will be in a state of celebration starting early in the day tomorrow and don’t plan to post, in fact i plan to stay just this side of cognizant for as long as possible, since that’s my favorite place to be.

and lastly, or finally, or even fourthly, i am about to go on wbai for an end of the year little wrap up. if you’re near a radio from 9-10 eastern, check it out.

i passed 150 posts yesterday, un poco loco…what can one girl have so much to say about!! well i guess you already know. 🙂 kisses from the lusciousmsbrown (my aim name) – feel it, and feel some more.