another top 10

top 10 reasons not to give your cell out over the radio!

10. because apparently when people hear the combination of ‘pleasure activist’ and ‘call 917 — —- for more info’ their mind falls into a dirty little gutter of hope.

9. and then they call you from the public library. and they seem like normal nice folk who just haven’t done much organizing.

8. and then when you try to put them in touch with the local organizer, they ask if you are present at all the meetings. and they don’t ask any questions about the politics or content.

7. and then call again from their home to ask specifically about pleasure activism.

6. and then call again to tell you they are also into partying.

5. and then a couple more times with no message, but choosing the URGENT TEXT option that just says please call. even though at that this point you are no longer picking up the phone.

4. then call again to ask when is a good time to call?

3. and just when you are ready to leap off of the nice positive organizer boat and swim back to that shore called fear-of-strangerland, you hear that tone in their voice that just sounds like loneliness.

2. and then you try to be nice while indicating how busy you are because the sound of that specific kind of loneliness is scary.

1. and then they call again.

this is really becoming a problem…

i can’t focus on my new book of sudoku puzzles, or my manic start-of-the-year housecleaning and rearranging – i’ve unpacked the desk part of my armoire and am using it as a desk AND put a lamp in my closet to encourage matching!. i can’t get into the rhythm of the water dripping from my ceiling where my upstairs neighbors’ guest left the radiator on (and which my landlady feels is not crucial enough to deal with till tomorrow morning), or reflect on my current favorite solitary indulgence (key word: tantra: http://www.tantra.com/expand.html), or reflect dreamily on how much i admire bono, or reflect pensively on how i feel about bill clinton’s aggressive push for funding for africa’s hiv+ population. i can’t just drink mad water, or avoid eating bread, or celebrate jack abramoff’s coming forth as a corrupt GOP lobbyist whose going all whistleblower, or work on the League’s piece of the Campaign to Stop Alito (i’ll be in d.c. for the press conference this thursday 9am – more info to come), or any of the other myriad ways i could spend the day.

in the back of my mind my new friend is thinking of ways to get at me. ick. hopefully he isn’t reading this. but if he is – dude its not gonna work out the way you think. at all.

thankfully i got to chat with my first love, the mysterious ‘yugoslavian’ who stole my heart with kisses in the park 10 years ago this may. international chatting is so cool and modern feeling. i also got to chat with my last love, and the for the first time the friend box didn’t feel like a damp cramped waste of a space to occupy…it felt aight. AND i got chat with my dear sofia who is in transition in miami. miss you girl!

last night after the family stone-king kong excitement, jen and i were awaiting our cab and this car pulled up. the man got out with an umbrella in his hand, and the girl next to us ran out to meet him. he hugged her close, then opened the car for her and kissed her on the cheek before closing the door and running around to drive her home. jen and i looked at each other and smiled – out with the old and in with the new, standards that is. 2006 is the year for being treated like an angel on the run – cherished and holy, but so much fun.

in the meantime, i have been enjoying my preview copy of grub, byrant and anna’s new book from penguin. its a dope collection of essays around healthy community food and dope recipes, many of which i have tasted and are now immortalized! here’s a picture of the book amidst my indoor garden:


i rarely do a double mention of an album, but mary j’s latest is such a solid listen from start to finish and has me in a good mood despite the distracting potential stalker. this good mood could also be because of my love note from shalini kali, filmmaker-thinker extraordinaire! hi shalini, love love you!

and have y’all checked out sharda’s org, nesri? http://www.nesri.org/about_us/index.html

tomorrow gavin and i’s pieces go up on wiretap/alternet. check www.wiretapmag.org to read and let us know what you think…

ok back to hiding under the covers from the phone!